Just Not Now

by Kristen Dunn

There will be a time and place for me
But I guess it is just not now
The thread is unraveling
And I don’t really know how
Life is always moving
We are dictated by the sun
I remember when he met me
But I didn’t know he would be the one
I see everyone moving forward
So tell me why the direction I’m going is down?
I have been losing energy
I am sinking thru the ground
Weighted, heavy, asleep
Beginning to feel the summer heat
Eyelids are closing
Energy is far away
I have been getting angrier at myself everyday
Consumed by always trying to get things done
Trying to be perfect
But it’s a hard race to run
Never feel like I do anything right
Been feeling this way
Because of old fights.

Kristen Dunn

Kristen Dunn began writing music and poetry in 2011 when she bought her first ukulele. Kristen enjoys sharing her work and story with others because each poem is written with an incredible amount of honesty, and she hopes for others to be able to relate to what she has to say. She believes music and poetry to be a unifying force in a world where people feel isolated. Kristen was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She values nature and enjoys writing whenever she is close to Lake Michigan.

artist: yecenia torres





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