Two Poems

by J.S. MacLean

The scientists said
trees grow, I watched one awhile
and no they do not.

Invisible Minority
They are not ghosts
that prowl the earth
down lanes of truth
with greed for sight.

J.S. MacLean

J.S. MacLean has been writing poetry since the early 70s with two collections “Molasses Smothered Lemon Slices” and “Infinite Oarsmen for one” available on Amazon. He has around 175 poems published in journals and magazines internationally in Canada, USA, Ireland, UK, France, Israel, India, Thailand, and Australia. He enjoys the outdoors, and indoors too. In 2007 he won THIS Magazine’s Great Canadian Literary Hunt in Poetry (1st Prize). He strives for the lyrical and hopes for the accidental.

Artist:  Marcos Guinoza





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