Three Poems

by Anne Mikusinski

Notes From a Waiting Room
twenty-seven jumbled pieces
formed instinctively
work flawlessly
creating music that invite
to appear on a scraps of
found paper
I sketch you out
from memory and wishful thinking
filling in the blanks with unsaid

It Lasts Longer
an image of you
caught unaware
in profile
in shades of indigo
or melancholy blue
a complementary color
to your silver hair
and the tiny cross
in your left ear
has captured thoughts
best directed elsewhere
and brought them to this blank page
now filled up with
everything I want to say
but haven’t yet.

in the morning
a fuzzy memory
emerging from its dreamy carapace
until it’s noticed
and noted
casting a shadow
over the day
interrupting practical thought
with bright imagery
a hiss of words.

Anne Mikusinski 

Anne Mikusinski has been writing poetry and short stories since she was seven years old and probably making them up long before she could hold a pen or pencil in her hand. Anne finds inspiration in music, art and little things that happen every day. Her influences range from Robert Frost, Dylan Thomas, David Byrne, and Nick Cave. She hopes one day, her work will inspire others in the same way these writers have inspired her.

Artist: Marlowe Bandem




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