Two Poems

by Toi Sibley
My Poems Are my Songs

My songs are my poems
but I can’t sing their hooks
I never had the ability
it wasn’t taken by a crook
anchored in gravitation
believing my limitations
my poems have been wronged
deprived of becoming my songs.


My Lover’s Arms

My lovers arms are like an ocean when it is quiet and still
creeping up onto the shore, yet still
deep enough to be engulfed in it
but I can still breath with no fear of drowning in it
the temperature took a while for me to adjust
I wanted to stand in the sand, but I lust
for the beautiful view pass the ocean’s shore
I needed more
waves I made
just with a single touch
I needed the ocean
but he needed me just as much.


Artist: Thais Silva?

Toi Sibley is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Louisiana. If she’s not in her class teaching English, she’s performing as well as being a wife and a mother of two beautiful children.