Sea of Dreams

by RC deWinter i live for night impatient for its swallowing the unlovely glare of day that endless maze of corners round which nothing waits but contours of routine the shuttering of eyes (my escape clause from the pitiless directives of the day) and then the slide into the sea of dreams where guiltless blameless … Continue reading Sea of Dreams

quit notice

by Salam Wosu because my body is a house situated beside the beautiful sea overlooking the horizon/           high above clouds I cannot afford it. Today I sold a piece/ of my soul for another moment/       to watch the sun set dive/ into the wetness of the sea. Tomorrow I … Continue reading quit notice

The Flood

by Fabrice B. Poussin Counting the drops, it is not always clear that a flood may be coming by way of the river. Walking on the tow path, mooing at the bovines, singing the melody familiar to the wild coyotes; no light seems to hold power over the new darkness; clouds thick as a dirty … Continue reading The Flood

Emily by Howie Good

Sailors just grabbed what they could — a Mickey Mouse teddy bear my sister had since she was little — before the ship broke apart in nightmarish purple seas, the wind wailing as if the wails might actually be expressing something, anguish or fear or fratricidal rage, while back on shore, graves vomited up the dead, and, farther inland, … Continue reading Emily by Howie Good