Blonde Noir

by DC Diamondopolous Kit Covington sat on the sofa in her Pacific Palisades mansion with a cigarette lodged in the side of her mouth. A cloud of smoke floated around her head. She adjusted the oxygen tube in her nose, then brushed ash from her dog Muffin’s champagne-colored curls. The miniature poodle dozing in Kit’s … Continue reading Blonde Noir

The Huntsman

by Norman Belanger Once upon a time, he was somebody’s little darling, today he was nothing to nobody. I knew details about the kid I was to take into the woods, a lad who stole from the wrong person. Snow White was the name he went by, a young lamb from the Middle Lands with … Continue reading The Huntsman

The Last Guru

by Steven Carr &&&&Jeremiah sits on the corner of Haight and Ashbury Streets. In front of him, feathery wisps of smoke from a burning stick of cinnamon incense jabbed into the bottom of an overturned Styrofoam cup curls upward and drifts away in the heat. He has his legs crossed beneath his ankle length tie-dyed … Continue reading The Last Guru

From the Window

by Montana Rogers &&&&Margaret stood in the window, her face frozen, reflected in the glass pane. Her green eyes appeared as large apples hovering from one of the branches of the crab apple trees in the backfield. The trees stood decrepit and bare, shivering in the stiff breeze that blew across the top of the … Continue reading From the Window