• Make A Wish

    Make A Wish

    Sam Ray is a fresh face to poetry, but growing up with the strip as her backyard it’s no wonder this poet knows how to captivate a crowd. The multi-talented 26 year old has featured at places like Cork & Thorn and the Utah Arts Festival. Her poetry is truthful and raw, and she doesn’t…

  • Artwork by Sarmonica Jones

    Artwork by Sarmonica Jones

    Sarmonica Jones When Sarmonica Jones is not writing her latest fiction, or poetry, she can be found pursuing a photography project, bagging the latest mountainous peak, working out at the gym, painting abstract paintings, or whipping gourmet dishes on the fly, or communing with nature. Whatever she is pursuing (you can be certain) it is…

  • Of Dreams and Eulogy

    Of Dreams and Eulogy

    by Nisarga Sinha Ours is a Winter love story.My messy bun,your midnight laughterandstars.I have been visitingthe stars on my terraceof late.Andthe Nebulaerupting from the dead lilacs.The heavy tinge of forgetfulnessrunning through my veinsand the evening street.Yesterday,I saw J. Alfred. Prufrockand the unfinished poemof Eliot’s oblivion,laughing together, singing what they could have been,andGoing to Bob Dylanto…

  • Unreachable


    by Paul Robert Mullen the continents have become small strides i have trembled upon peaks breathed the darkness of lairs untouched witnessed the peace of dawn skimming dampness off the clouds with wings bound for something / somewhere pierced the hum and haze of a thousand cities with hardened feet and softened mind i have…

  • Objects in the Overhead Bin May Shift During Travel

    Objects in the Overhead Bin May Shift During Travel

    Alexandra Morean is currently getting her BA in writing, editing, and publishing as well as music production. She was born in Venezuela and grew up in Miami, Florida, soaking in all kinds of culture and inspiration.