Two Poems

by Yaun Changming &Skyline Roughly, at the same height of&&&&&&&&&Every rocky mountain&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Rising&&&Above all seasonal changeA snowline is widely & cursively cutAs if to bite a whole patch of&&&&&&&&&&&&&Sky from heavenWith rows of rows of&&&&&&&&&&&&&Whale-like teeth.   Immigration To escape from the tyrannical logic Of your mother tongue You wandered, wandering Through earth’s length and breadth … Continue reading Two Poems

Of Dreams and Eulogy

by Nisarga Sinha Ours is a Winter love story.My messy bun,your midnight laughterandstars.I have been visitingthe stars on my terraceof late.Andthe Nebulaerupting from the dead lilacs.The heavy tinge of forgetfulnessrunning through my veinsand the evening street.Yesterday,I saw J. Alfred. Prufrockand the unfinished poemof Eliot’s oblivion,laughing together, singing what they could have been,andGoing to Bob Dylanto … Continue reading Of Dreams and Eulogy