• Holding Me, Holding You

    Holding Me, Holding You

    Rebecca Cheek (she/her/hers) is a transracial International Korean American adoptee living in South Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a background in manufacturing of drug delivery systems and quality assurance management in chemical manufacturing

  • Extra Ordinary

    Extra Ordinary

    Amy Nelder Amy Nelder’s trompe l’oeil paintings are infused with au courant imagery. Background: UC Berkeley, FBI Academy, San Francisco Police Department Forensic Artist. Select exhibitions: Chianciano Biennale, Cape Cod Museum of Art; Haggin Museum; Coos Art Museum; de Young Museum; Walt Disney Museum; Garzoni Challenge; Chloe Gallery. Media coverage: film/press interviews.

  • After Hours

    After Hours

    by RC deWinter sing me a new songin the key of longingfiltered through the shadowsof everything you ever wished fori promise not to laughor be dismissivei recognize the colorof the those shadowsmelancholy’s hazy haloloneliness in almost midnight bluei too am a dreamerwith my own songa wisheron the gentle evening starthere’s music in your voicewisdom in […]

  • Heat Death

    Heat Death

    by Hazel J. Hall we are a high school, honey-love crush,terribly beautiful at ourtipping point to the contact.staring into abyssal zones.walking on water;wading;raising generationsof fish through thisfinality. the poem steeringdirectionlessness into itsnarrative. the death ofoceans as a wicked stranglingno one wants to solve.it is all simply too eviland we are too pure to knowwhat terrible […]

  • Three Poems by Rae Rozman

    Three Poems by Rae Rozman

    Dualities I slept with your glove(maroon, leather)woven between my fingers.It smelled like you. I awoke with your glove(leather, maroon)pressed against my naked chest.It smelled like me. How quickly you leave me.How quickly we forget. Consummation There are nights like this.Nights you rush through to seeif colors are more vibranton the other sideSolitude is an arta […]

  • Rage


    by Kate St. Germain I took any advice I could get for six months after Lila died. I meditated, I socialized. I focused on the present; I planned for the future. I was counseled, I was massaged by reiki masters and prophesized by shamans and priests. I went vegan and munched on leafy greens. I […]

  • Summer’s Smoke

    Summer’s Smoke

    Sage Leona is a cancer who enjoys putting her emotions into words that other people can read and understand. She is a senior in college and hopes to one day join the Peace Corps and be a bartender.

  • My Love is on Paper Only

    My Love is on Paper Only

    by Lucy Zhang My first love taught me how to fold a pinwheel. You need a square sheet of paper, he told me. But I had no square paper on hand, so we snuck a stack of white 8.5 by 11 printer paper from the classroom supplies closet. You can use this as a bookmark, […]

  • The Storm

    The Storm

    by Melissa Chappell Upon his bed of white linen, he laid me down. I was beneath him when the sun looked upon us with its jealous eye through the polished window panes. His hands were praising me, when the stratus clouds stretched over the sun’s burnished light, denying it glory. My mouth was seeking the […]

  • Just Not Now

    Just Not Now

    by Kristen Dunn There will be a time and place for me But I guess it is just not now The thread is unraveling And I don’t really know how Life is always moving We are dictated by the sun I remember when he met me But I didn’t know he would be the one […]