• Horehound Candy

    Horehound Candy

    by Marco Etheridge Lieutenant Bondar scanned the battle-scarred landscape through a pair of heavy binoculars. He reconnoitered from inside a hidden basement bunker, elbows propped on the sill of a blown-out window. The powerful binoculars compressed the perspective of the broken land before him as if capturing the scene between plates of glass. Shattered trees […]

  • And…


    by Richard Ankers And… I loved her despite the tales, those fabricated fantasies. There was never a why, not from me. I accepted her as she was, like the clouds accepted the rain, in misery made manifest and melancholy downpours. This was just the way it was. Initially, I drove our relationship forward. If there […]

  • Ocean of Sorrows

    Ocean of Sorrows

    Audra Burwell is a creative writing major with a strong emphasis on fantasy-themed poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction that covers universal subject matter. Her work has been published by Palaver Journal, Deep Overstock, Carcinogenic Poetry, Snapdragon Journal, Serpentine Zine Literary Magazine, and Superpresent Magazine, as well as appearing on the Do Fiction Podcast.

  • The Bogeyman

    The Bogeyman

    Elise Farotto is a regular non-fiction contributor to Witches Magazine and the author of three self-published novels. She is an active member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and co-founder of The Coven Creative, a radical female artists’ collective based out of Los Angeles.

  • A Breach In The Wall

    A Breach In The Wall

    Marco Etheridge lives and writes in Vienna, Austria. His fiction has appeared in Literally Stories, Dime Show Review, Five on the Fifth, Storgy, Inlandia Journal, Manzano Mountain Review, Every Day Fiction, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Literary Yard, Mobius: A Journal for Social Change, Czykmate, Cleaning Up the Glitter, Fleas on the Dog, and Writing Disorder.

  • Too Late For Answers

    Too Late For Answers

    by Rosanne Trost I grew up in an Irish Catholic family. My mother’s maiden name was Murphy. Dad’s mother had the same maiden name. My sister and I used to joke that our parents were cousins. March 17th was always a big day in our home. Dad had one kelly green plaid tie, which he […]

  • Punting Everything We Don’t Have The Guts To Say Into The Sky

    Punting Everything We Don’t Have The Guts To Say Into The Sky

    by Amanda Pendley little kids blush when confronted with crushesthough it may be the purest form of loveany of us will ever haveI’m stumbling upon more and more days latelywhen I wish I could go back to thatwe always teased zach about shannonand you teased me about zach and hissoccer trained legs that punted kickballsstudying […]

  • My Parents Have Always Fought

    My Parents Have Always Fought

    by Sage Leona My parents have always fought. Mentally, verbally, physically. All of my memories of my entire first fifteen years of life are entwined with horror stories of their annoyances which turned into disagreements always becoming an argument and usually escalating into a fight.The fights never seemed to end, they lasted fifteen years and […]

  • Don’t Be Scared of Graveyards

    Don’t Be Scared of Graveyards

    by Vera Armstead I’m tired of watching those old movies with teenagers drinking in a cemetery at midnight before Halloween. It’s not interesting for zombies to pop out of graves or spirits to fill the air, silencing the squeals of the cheerleaders. How am I supposed to feel empathy for jocks that bully nerds during […]

  • A Violin in the Woods

    A Violin in the Woods

    by Andy Betz A wooden violin awoke one morning in the woods. He still retained both bow and strings and felt fairly confident his predicament was merely temporary. Not being able to produce music in his current condition, he decided to listen to the music the woods produced. He knew, by the calendar, it was […]