Family Reunion

John Califano lives in the once vibrant and culturally stimulating City of New York where he contemplates his existence, and works helping at-risk parolees transition back into the workforce. He’s worked as a writer, actor, visual artist, and musician. His work is featured in The Broadkill Review, The Willesden Herald’s New Short Stories Series (UK), Adelaide Review, The Writing Disorder, Poetry Super Highway, Across the Margin, and Embark. Continue reading Family Reunion

Two Poems by Alshaad Kara

The Dawn’s Bellow Eavesdropping into that mansion in smut,Your piano is screeching the dark emotions.My emptied heart is stuck in an urn,Is my liberty in captivity?Eavesdropping close to my heart,Cracks are appearing on the ceiling!Water is flooding through the decanter!The violin is quivering by this spatter.Submit those sunrises to those sunshine,My heartbreak is in captivity. … Continue reading Two Poems by Alshaad Kara


Dominik Slusarczyk was educated at The University of Nottingham where he got a degree in biochemistry. He has been making art for a number of years. He makes everything from film to music but is am mainly active in painting and poetry. He writes extensively. Earlier this year he self-published ten books in a variety of subjects including art, science, and philosophy. Continue reading Night

The London Bridge…

Has fallencycling after seventy years. Her casket embroideredwith gold lions, harps,and Queen Mothers jeweled apex. Leaving behindunstained trotting marblefurnished gemsstolen memorabiliagleeful /dispirited hostsand unruly descendantswho wear pretty coat of arms. A bitter commemorationthis telegram.I will not celebrate the death of one oppressorwho will birth a new one.I wonder what coat it’ll wear? Artist: Rachel Bailey Continue reading The London Bridge…

Heat Death

by Hazel J. Hall we are a high school, honey-love crush,terribly beautiful at ourtipping point to the contact.staring into abyssal zones.walking on water;wading;raising generationsof fish through thisfinality. the poem steeringdirectionlessness into itsnarrative. the death ofoceans as a wicked stranglingno one wants to is all simply too eviland we are too pure to knowwhat terrible … Continue reading Heat Death