A Lustful Haiku

by Jacinta Carter your tongue in my mouthtasting what I cannot sayconsuming my words your fingers on minesliding down to grab my wristsbruising my pale skin your teeth in my fleshreleasing my sigh of painbegging to be hurt your hand on my throattrapping your name in my mouthholding me in place taking what you wantunleashing … Continue reading A Lustful Haiku


by Kelly Stacy Let us pay the bill on time, let us walk to the grocery store together, let us order more shelves for that space in our living room, between the radiator and the wall, let’s give it some purpose, let’s fill it with all our small totems, let’s do brunch on Saturday morning, … Continue reading Adoration


by Katie Pukash My voice is a hieroglyph hunting for a cave to call home. I cut my hair for this. I have seen all my mother’s untouched jewelry. I have worn out the family noose by tying knots around everything that is swollen. There is a nightlight in my childhood bedroom without a bulb. … Continue reading Haircut

The Carpenter’s Son

by Katie Pukash mine is nothing but stain-each carving a little less.can’t say too much about the carpenterwhen the carpenter holds the only chisel.pliers for eyes-he will call you Floorboard andClaw hammer and Screwdriver and Sin-will knock at your throatuntil there is nothing but screws.stained and sealed-Mouth Wide and Shut.he won’t come back to search-not … Continue reading The Carpenter’s Son

Four Poems by Stephanie Valente

The Pontiac in this universe,the guitars are lostskulking under bed sheetswatching rain fallthrough a windowin this universe,we take turnsdriving(almost) endlesslyi love the cari love the privacyurgent intimacyin this universeyou’ll tell meeverythingi’ll learn half-truthswe’ll never get tired   I Came Here to Be Alone baby, i think of youlike Coca-Cola chilling in the fridgeso fondly, like a … Continue reading Four Poems by Stephanie Valente