• Three Poems by Carla Sarett

    Three Poems by Carla Sarett

    Self-Portrait as Shostakovichplays stud pokersmokes a packtap dances on pianosleeps in unlit stairwellvalise packedprays not yet not yet Self-Portrait at Dinnerone person hereone person missing Addendum for Healthcare ProxyIf I lingerbefore dying Know I’m readyfor what is next. But before you setme free, play the Brandenburgsto the last note, then againjust in case. Carla Sarett […]

  • To M.W.

    To M.W.

    by Gabriella Garofalo A motionless warm airOld haggards stuck in food and ailmentsFlyers taped on the light poles, showing mislaid kitten-Your die hard habits, October, you old maverickDon’t we know your elegant gaslightingHas form and attitude, much to the chagrin of the waves Who never look smartHard as they tryOf a light you keep stalking […]

  • Two Poems by James Piatt

    Two Poems by James Piatt

    The Enigma of Non-beingmy mind wandersstumbles.fallswinter winds fill minuteswith cold uncertaintyand… something elsei stagger listeningto echoes of absurdityi hearsomeone from Nowheresobbing for those like methentimelessness silence wonderingechoing nothingnessmemories lost in darknessof uncertaintylonely contents buildin the vastness of briny tears. Reality VanishedArriving in the late hoursof an iron colored metallic night,rusting symbolscovered with an aging patinaof […]

  • Holding Me, Holding You

    Holding Me, Holding You

    Rebecca Cheek (she/her/hers) is a transracial International Korean American adoptee living in South Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a background in manufacturing of drug delivery systems and quality assurance management in chemical manufacturing

  • Two Poems by Samantha Ewing

    Two Poems by Samantha Ewing

    DreamsI am truly aliveWhile the sun rises outsideMy mind slowly wakingEyes not yet openvisualizingAn alternate realitywhile my body rests FlashbackI found a familiar faceMaking memories fly through my mindOf Nights spent speaking on the streetsAs we roamed ‘round in the rainUnconcerned under our umbrellaTalking ‘till the time ran outHaving to hobble homeLaughing like lunaticsWe were […]

  • Three Poems by David Murphy

    Three Poems by David Murphy

    David Murphy won the Seaton Fellowship for Creative Writing in 2006. He served as the editor-in-chief of Touchstone, a literary magazine published by Kansas State University. He has published most recently in The Fourth River, Papyrus, and Saint Somewhere. He lives and writes outside in a pueblo outside of Tepic, Mexico.

  • The Math

    The Math

    by Laurinda Lind Early I sat in a circleand nothing fit anything else, orwhat if I werethe extra integer thoughthe room was all right. But someonespilled lyrics loud over speakers.And what if for once I wantedthe words, the first ones later landing last, but was shyto say the story once I stayed at the center […]

  • These Words Are For The Eyes Of The Dead

    These Words Are For The Eyes Of The Dead

    Austin is a formerly homeless, queer student originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. He currently works as a tutor at his college’s writing center and drafts grants on the side. In the past, Austin has worked as a homeless shelter organizer, a janitor, and a dishwasher. His work has been most recently published in the Works in Progress newspaper based out of Olympia, WA.

  • Consider The Cause

    Consider The Cause

    by Laurinda Lind It is a Covid year and in our townno one has died of Covid, this is a functionof greographic access more thanmutual consideration since no one here wantsto believe that what has come to us has cometo us, after all who says it is a Covid year,only immunologists and don’t they eat […]

  • A Little Late But Anyway

    A Little Late But Anyway

    by Laurinda Lind Girl in my class in Catholic school,decades later I have a thing to saywhich is sorry. I was an assemblyof anxieties but I think you wereripe for your right life, such asactually study, such as resistoverreacting, such as live inyour lucky neighborhood acrossthe bridge. And the way I wasa hot mess, my […]