After The Breath is Music

by Hazel J. Hall he sits atthe edge of his stool. atthe end of things.a tumultuous tower beforethe edge of void, pressing in;a piano key hit beforethe void of whatwe do not know. every sightto be seen stares back at us now.him pressing those keys,playing piano, head tossed back&gazing up to sky&&&and seeing&our lasting resonanceour … Continue reading After The Breath is Music

Heat Death

by Hazel J. Hall we are a high school, honey-love crush,terribly beautiful at ourtipping point to the contact.staring into abyssal zones.walking on water;wading;raising generationsof fish through thisfinality. the poem steeringdirectionlessness into itsnarrative. the death ofoceans as a wicked stranglingno one wants to is all simply too eviland we are too pure to knowwhat terrible … Continue reading Heat Death


by John Martino —a lamp shade&&&& for my luminous head Here!—uncuff the watch&&&& from my wrist Place my feet &&&&in buttercups! I won’t be needing&&& my eyes anymore Now I’m all ears&&& Talk to me Tell me everything&&& ’s gonna be all right&& John Martino John Martino is a writer, educator, and avid traveler currently … Continue reading Quick


by Lane Vineyard I have gazed into the eyesof the taxidermy foxand found its warped reflection of my ownmore fitting. its gossamer phantoms orbitsister moons of anthracite coal;once teeming with life, now entombed withincalcified dew. I’ve long fled mother Appalachiayet still anticipatethe city’s rancid pavement pools to exhale herritualistic chants in the tongue of eldritch … Continue reading H/O/L/L/E/R

Make A Wish

by Sam Ray When you’re on top of the worldbut still shatteredPeople mistake you for shooting stars instead of broken matterBut does it matter? They don’t see where you fall after the beautiful light streakTo them, shooting stars are just luckyThe burnout into nonexistenceDoesn’t exist So I guess, make a wish.&& Sam Ray Sam Ray … Continue reading Make A Wish

Ascend We Must, Above.

by Anthony Salandy Molten rock meets scorched Earth,Land possessed by grandiose intoxication;An insatiable greed multi-generational. For self-deprecation presumes a sense of hatred;An independently derived distain for humanityso all-consuming that treasonous disturbia Becomes the only truthin the hyper realized constructionsthat form this jaded modernity, This ethereal worldof consumption and combustion;Of societal demise and malaise, But scorched … Continue reading Ascend We Must, Above.


by Sam Ray I’m not fatBut I’m thicker than herAnd my ass ain’t flat, I got wide hips and beautiful curvesSo the size of my jeans doubles,now I’m insecureAnd I’ve always felt fatter, uglier, less than, completely unsureOf my beautyBecause the pretty girl gets all the looks, she’s a double zeroAnd I’m over here trying … Continue reading Comparison