• Two Poems

    Two Poems

    by Christina Petrides Pressure To be silencedis to be discouraged.Stifled dreams seep awayto poison air, earth,and people.Unrealized ambitions,thwarted hopes,and muted prayers seetheuntil they burstinto enraged action—blind, fierce, and embittered. Pep Talk Knock it back to good old times square one.Show them what you’re made of—not jelly donuts & egg-dipped toast,but vinegar and spit.Lift up the…

  • Train Ride To Kaltungo

    Train Ride To Kaltungo

    by Efe Ogufere A creation story in Eden we shared midmorning conversations with a butterfly 7 Wildfire from within the flames voices in my mother tongue urging me to jump & The Origin of Butterflies the little things that tickle the butterflies between your eyes. 7 Odyssey lost leaves in autumn spend a lifetime in…

  • Haiku by Hadi Panahi

    Haiku by Hadi Panahi

    Soldiers on the way, picking raspberries towards the shooting field & Hadi Panahi  Hadi Panahi is a PhD student of psychology, living in Tehran, Iran. He writes poetry, in particular short poems. His work has been published in Better Than Starbucks (July 2019), Gyroscope Review (Summer-2019), Metafore (Spring 2019), Rigorous (2019, Volume Three, Issue 3)…

  • A Quiet House

    A Quiet House

    by Sarah Mackey Kirby I decided when I grew up, I’d have a quiet house. Where snapping wind-tapped twigs and magnolia leaves traced open window. Where vitriol didn’t bleed through walls, and slammed back doorsdid not exist. Where only eager, barking dogs could break no-loud-noise code. Where tiptoed morning socks would press against old oak…

  • Object Permanence

    Object Permanence

    by Amanda Pendley Artist: Augusto Avila Jr. it was poetic justice maybewhen two days earlier, the three of us stoodsquished and stepping on feetin front of the dull dorm bathroom mirrorfor a friend’s photography projectwe were told to act natural as wepretended to examine our skin for blackheadsand check our teeth for spinachand reach behind…

  • We Are Not The Same

    We Are Not The Same

    by Linda M. Crate i hurt in ways that i cannotconvey to you,but you will not be giventhe power to destroy me;every time i falli rise—after every mistakei learn something,and i am not going to losemy magic nor surrender my power;i am a goddessget out of my templei refuse to be cursed by your darkness—you…

  • No Man Will Conquer Me

    No Man Will Conquer Me

    by Linda M. Crate you wanted to seemy darkness so go ahead,walk into the night of me; you will find a huntersmoon every arrow of lightwill cut through you and bring you down—for while you may be a wolf i am artemis,daughter of the moon; archer and hunterwhisperer of the woods sister to the roots…

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and Found

    Duane currently lives in La Vista, NE, and volunteers with a non-profit organization as a Donor Ambassador on their blood drives. He has had poems published in Poetry Quarterly, Fine Lines, The Sea Letter, Cholla Needles, Tipton Poetry Journal, Adelaide Literary Magazine and several other publications.

  • I Know

    I Know

    PW Covington writes in the beat tradition of the North American highway. He has been invited to share his work from San Francisco’s beat Museum to the Havana International Poetry Festival in Cuba. Covington is a Pushcart nominee and his latest collection of short fiction, “North Beach and Other Stories” was named a 2019 Finalist…

  • Backstreet Dumpster

    Backstreet Dumpster

    by Dragos Bogdan The world was growing colderbecause the weatherwas akinto people’s hearts,he was told in a dream The people had denied himthe worldand he was left with the backstreetdumpsterAnd he had to share thebackstreet dumpster with the dogsOr rather the dogs had to shareit with him Regardless,they agreed and at least this corner ofthe…