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by Sarmistha Gupta Chasm earthly/gourmandise on fodder Sardonic smile/blemish of the hour Forged seasons/jubilation Everlasting silk orchids/in lonesome ivory/forlorn pink Peace/sold out Lull/canned Blotched masks/pummelling the air Charades frisky/unbound Monochromes/vibratory Spellbinding monotony/enticing Men/thick icicles Banal […]

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The girl who invited me
to live in her tent camp
so she could teach me Chechen

sat staring in the corner,
fearing that any motion
might trigger an explosion.

Grozny’s flats were levelled.
Dolls lay disembowelled on the floor.
Glass shards covered the earth.

The road’s yellow ribbon rolled
like a carpet, limning the edge
of my escape to Vladikavkaz.