by Margaret Stevens Listen:Ghastly and gentle graveyard hymns&&&&&Buried&&Beneath barren lullabies.Listen closely:&&&&Silver&&&&&&&&& sorrows in tomorrow’s&&&&&&&&waiting rooms &&&&& &Here is yesterday’s doctor,&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&He who performedthe radical surgeryBehold&&&&&&&&& the&&&&&&&&Gauze &&&&&pads the God’s prongs.Behold & their austere nature,Their && unflinching && employment,&&&&&&&&used to pry out the corroded heart.Never to be named,Its &&&&&fingers webbed&&&&& its legs snared—&&&&&&&&twisted in ticker tape&&&&&&&&basted in … Continue reading Extraction


by Anthony Salandy One can always find the time In much the same way we wait For planes to arrive and depart And carry us far and wide, But some lack the time to see Beyond their selfish desires Because time they believe Will give them ample space To do later what they should do … Continue reading Sincere

A Foggy Night

by Anthony Salandy There was something about that nightWhere trees grew blurry in the mistOf an arising autumn so mysticYet so seemingly clear at the same time- Because on that foggy nightThe moon could be seen far and wideAs if presiding over the danceOf clouds oh so near to the ground, And as the darkened skies … Continue reading A Foggy Night

The Revolver

by Giovanni Mangiante I took my father’s revolver, walked back to my apartment closed the bedroom door closed the windows closed the curtains, emptied the few bullets in the chambers put it to my temple click, then once more: click, click, click…. the gun felt less heavy with every click I, felt less heavy with … Continue reading The Revolver

The Venn Diagram

by Heather Ball Picture a Venn Diagram. Hand drawn with circles, Imperfect, like eggs pulled off the sorting belt. The left, me, literally. The right, me: my figure, figured (figuratively). And me in the middle. My body a sacrament filling the shape, Wide in the middle, tapered at the top and bottom. So smooth in … Continue reading The Venn Diagram


by Melissa Barry At 11:17 the train runs by shaking my bed at night, alerting me to the movement of others. Traveling souls rush passed me, maybe reading words of other travelers, or trying to get any time of rest in an uncomfortable sleep. I realize the world around me, still moving, always moving, as … Continue reading Train


by Sarmistha Gupta Chasm earthly/gourmandise on fodder Sardonic smile/blemish of the hour Forged seasons/jubilation Everlasting silk orchids/in lonesome ivory/forlorn pink Peace/sold out Lull/canned Blotched masks/pummelling the air Charades frisky/unbound Monochromes/vibratory Spellbinding monotony/enticing Men/thick icicles Banal mooring/towering hourglass & & Sarmistha Gupta Sarmistha Gupta adores experimenting with various genres of poetry.Her gamut transcends all and embraces … Continue reading Eons