July 14

by Raina Seward when i first met you your face blushed pink and your words tripped up the stairs your eyes were scared but they ran sideways and up the walls it was a cold wet day but the lightning heated the earth’s surface and made me melt from within and though we never touched … Continue reading July 14

Whiskey Jail

by Joseph Rogers Through these wooden bars I see a scene enacted without me: joy painted across your face; an understudy in my rightful place. This vinyl booth becomes my jail, a prison of whiskey with shots for bail, while red searchlights illuminate the empty glasses that spell my fate. We spoke until the sun … Continue reading Whiskey Jail


by Rae Rozman Last night, I dreamt of uson a warm fall eveningsitting beside a campfireTom Petty crooningWildflowersfrom unseen speakerspassing a bottle of bourbonback and forth. You wore your winter coat(the lavender one)despite the heat. I burned.Took off pieces of my clothingand threw themone by oneinto the firethe flames turning aubergine and amber. Naked, I … Continue reading Persephone

Three Poems by Rae Rozman

Dualities I slept with your glove(maroon, leather)woven between my fingers.It smelled like you. I awoke with your glove(leather, maroon)pressed against my naked chest.It smelled like me. How quickly you leave me.How quickly we forget. Consummation There are nights like this.Nights you rush through to seeif colors are more vibranton the other sideSolitude is an arta … Continue reading Three Poems by Rae Rozman

The Ruins

by Jen Mierisch I. In the nineteen-eighties, my parents’ house collapsed. Stubbornness split its beams, conflict cracked the foundation, friction wore away its floors. Walls rotted from the constant floods of bitterness and disenchantment. A lack of upkeep may have been to blame, or maybe its materials were mismatched, failed to fit, could hold no … Continue reading The Ruins

death comes at any timemorning night, old or in youthare you ready now? beauty in alleverything that she isShe is one with God A Fortunate LoveFloating Among the BrokenOn a grey morning quite a bleak outlookbut it depends how you seeno morning is dark&& Douglas Spiegel Douglas is an efficient, dedicated and diverse writer– continually … Continue reading

Divine Incantation

by Megha Sood a poem is like a spell–a memory moving through the shadows of timelike a divine incantation:like a river flowing in your soulboisterous,unfettered;unapologetic.as it cleanses the crevicesthose sluices clogged through eonsit paves its own way when it moves through its structurea lexicon of words and its broken semanticsa language so deeply knows as … Continue reading Divine Incantation

Two Poems

by Angelica Liu Oblivious It began with– a dumb pain, as if a nip in heart and then– a silent scream, as if a struggle underwater and then– a static breakdown, as if a dying without witness and life just passed on, obliviously A Life Like a Plant Time grows wildly here It creeps over … Continue reading Two Poems