• Two Poems by Samantha Ewing

    Two Poems by Samantha Ewing

    DreamsI am truly aliveWhile the sun rises outsideMy mind slowly wakingEyes not yet openvisualizingAn alternate realitywhile my body rests FlashbackI found a familiar faceMaking memories fly through my mindOf Nights spent speaking on the streetsAs we roamed ‘round in the rainUnconcerned under our umbrellaTalking ‘till the time ran outHaving to hobble homeLaughing like lunaticsWe were […]

  • My Nana’s Video Cassette Library, His Death

    My Nana’s Video Cassette Library, His Death

    by Kashiana Singh My nana’s bookshelfwas my paradise readers digests, Huckleberry Finna Britannica encyclopediaa Quran too then he grew older, my Nani died,and aloneness arrived. He decided to transforminto a lender, from a readerhis walled library became a display of video cassettesI remember, the magic of that room emblazoned by a vision, an addictiondotted with […]

  • Metro to a New Epoch

    Metro to a New Epoch

    by Liza Sofia I pass by Copley Square at a quarter to 11:00. Setting one foot in front of the other, I balance on the narrow red curb between the sidewalk and the gutter- between the past and present. By now, the drizzle has grown into profuse rain which seeps through my clothes. I fold […]