by Andy Betz Snowflakes – Each one unique. Each one individual. However, each one set apart from the billions that look almost identical to it. Defines this characteristic as diversity. Effortlessly collectivized by innermost desire to be collectivized. Will resist detailed scrutiny to reveal true identity. A perfect singularity when alone and all alone when … Continue reading Snowflakes

Three Poems

by Meghan Kilpatrick The Worst Parts of Yourself Find comfort in the unknownNurture your bodyEvery part of youI hope your confidence radiatesI hope you stop criticizing Marathon Emotions RunTo the beat ofThe pounding heartEyes meetTo say whatWords are unableTo express Solitude He glances out his windowwatching the sunflowers danceto the wind’s quiet songThe Earth remained … Continue reading Three Poems

Heart’s Desire

by Lacie Semenovich i. I climbed this mountain to feel the breeze coarseagainst my skin, the rocks bruisesoftly my bones, to see the mother sky. ii. Lightning spread over the path. Mudslides passed through my fingers, fedthe barren earth retreating beneath my feet. iii. Willow trees hang heavy, ripe with dew unshed. Pine sap seals … Continue reading Heart’s Desire

Art by Jury S. Judge

Jury S. Judge Jury S. Judge is an internationally published artist, writer, poet, photographer, and cartoonist. Her “Astronomy Comedy” cartoons are published in the Lowell Observer. Her artwork has been published in literary magazines such as, “Amsterdam Quarterly,” “Permafrost,” and “Timber.” She has been interviewed on the television news program, NAZ Today for her work … Continue reading Art by Jury S. Judge


by RC deWinter as i sit in the bitter wind of a place I never thought could existi contemplate the nature of mortality.can the mind survive without feeling?is there really a soul, or is that just another comforting fairy tale?i contemplate the nature of mortalityshivering in a fever of there really a soul or … Continue reading cul-de-sac

Six Haikus

by Hugh Findlay Spring Cycle Black bird, amber weeds red hawk, blue sky, green river sun melting white ice Flow Geese swallowing wind Fine-tuning reedy voices Following Autumn Her Her silver bosom Joyful splashes in the pool A whistling sparrow October Voices of dead leaves Bony fingers of tree limbs Schoolboys sprinting home Dog Zen … Continue reading Six Haikus