Three Poems by David Murphy

A CraneFolded like origami,The white crane standsKnee-deep in water.Like a metaphor of menWatching for women,The crane watches for fish.Clouds passOver the still, brown water.Egrets and heronsLift their broad wingsAnd bear themselvesPast Spanish moss,Live oaks,And graying wooden docks.Still the crane waits.Then, with the sameSudden, heartless nihilismOf a gun shot,The crane strikes.&Old ChartsThe tea leaves are muddled; … Continue reading Three Poems by David Murphy

Western Landscapes

Kathleen Frank Santa Fe artist paints the Western landscape in vibrant hues, capturing light and pattern in complex terrains. Career highlights include: numerous museum and gallery exhibitions; High Desert Museum Curator’s Choice Award; Art in Embassies/U.S. State Department selection Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; work in permanent collections; and features in numerous fine art publications. Continue reading Western Landscapes

Fly Fishing

by Michael Steffen So much leaping and letting go,flicking your wrist to a shadowyou thread line through, lacingsurface to writhing depth,summoning tension. Between rocks,cutthroat and rainbow shelter.Entice the unseenwith a four-count rhythm,slice the air with a gentle arcand let your line lay downacross the back of another world.Retrieve. Repeat. You are searchingfor something shimmering, deepand … Continue reading Fly Fishing


by RC deWinter grazingthere’s a slyness in the changeable lightof winterthe morning sun often nothing but a tease slain by snowcloudsblowing infrom the southeast blanketing the sky with grey wooldamp heavywith its burden of moisture that will be transformed intotiny starsnot a twin among them falling in a baptism of frigid kissesbriefly burningany skin exposed … Continue reading grazing


Dominik Slusarczyk was educated at The University of Nottingham where he got a degree in biochemistry. He has been making art for a number of years. He makes everything from film to music but is am mainly active in painting and poetry. He writes extensively. Earlier this year he self-published ten books in a variety of subjects including art, science, and philosophy. Continue reading Night

Earth Day

by Maria Letterioti We were told yesterday in class that we must respect Earth. That means the plants and the animals. The environment, our natural habitat. “We must collect all trash from the beach,” our teacher said. “We must not leave any waste behind, and we have to be considerate of others. Selfishness shall not … Continue reading Earth Day

Molly McNeely

Molly McNeely Molly McNeely (she/her) is a New York-based photographer and visual artist. Currently, she is working with a Polaroid 600 camera, as she is interested in the limitations of the Polaroid as well as its immediacy. The limited control of light and focus creates images that are dictated by the surrounding environment, a product … Continue reading Molly McNeely