A Lustful Haiku

by Jacinta Carter your tongue in my mouthtasting what I cannot sayconsuming my words your fingers on minesliding down to grab my wristsbruising my pale skin your teeth in my fleshreleasing my sigh of painbegging to be hurt your hand on my throattrapping your name in my mouthholding me in place taking what you wantunleashing … Continue reading A Lustful Haiku

Two Poems by Elancharan Gunasekaran

At The DoorShe’s there each night,as I alight from the taxi.My Wife — the cockroachis at the same spot.Waiting for me,inviting me tocrush herbut…I can’t. DilemmaI can’t tell,who’s the pest.Is it us orthem?I bet it’s us,no them, no us,ask them, fuck them.&& Elancharan Gunasekaran Elancharan is a multidisciplinary artist and poet. He has a strange love for … Continue reading Two Poems by Elancharan Gunasekaran