by John L. Stanizzi 4.21.202011:51 AM59 degrees Pleasures of greens – fields, new leaves, pastures of skunk cabbage, occurrences of repeated splashes and ripples just after the frogs have leapt; nicknames for plants – bittersweet, virgin’s bower, pussy-toes, harebell, and diving wobblers, the polliwogs, are back today, flashing and flaring at the shoreline.&& John L. … Continue reading Pond


by Eric Sawyers I used to wonder I then let go and started to wander I now live in wonder I used to wonder how I then stepped out and wandered far I now see wonder with my heart I used to wonder when I then opened my eyes and wandered about I now can … Continue reading Wonder

Three Poems

by Meghan Kilpatrick The Worst Parts of Yourself Find comfort in the unknownNurture your bodyEvery part of youI hope your confidence radiatesI hope you stop criticizing Marathon Emotions RunTo the beat ofThe pounding heartEyes meetTo say whatWords are unableTo express Solitude He glances out his windowwatching the sunflowers danceto the wind’s quiet songThe Earth remained … Continue reading Three Poems

Four Poems

by Birdy Asya We are inventive people. Funny robbers. Little pirates. I hide behind the bushes And giggle softly. Childhood. I read fairy tales to people at night. They are asking. I am stroking hands and starting. I listen to their measured breathing. Pixy. You are proud and admire, But don’t say the most important … Continue reading Four Poems

Two Poems

by Yaun Changming &Skyline Roughly, at the same height of&&&&&&&&&Every rocky mountain&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Rising&&&Above all seasonal changeA snowline is widely & cursively cutAs if to bite a whole patch of&&&&&&&&&&&&&Sky from heavenWith rows of rows of&&&&&&&&&&&&&Whale-like teeth.   Immigration To escape from the tyrannical logic Of your mother tongue You wandered, wandering Through earth’s length and breadth … Continue reading Two Poems


by Rajagopal Kaimal Blue sky. Breeze. Flowers. Birds. Springtime in her garden; her home; her heart. & & Rajagopal Kaimal  I began writing poetry quite early in life. It was triggered by my puppy love for a girl. As the days went by my topics widened. I love writing about nature. Every morning with my … Continue reading Springtime

Two Poems

by Alan Parry & & Pallbearer i’ll always be grateful to dad for allowing me the freedom to say no, i’m not comfortable with that & Last wish i yearn to die in the dark unseen until mornin’ & & Alan Parry Alan Parry is a poet and playwright from Merseyside, England. He is an … Continue reading Two Poems