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    Eight Years Old empty swing laughter of their child still ringing Chicago Winters winter trees each robed with snowfall Japanese Garden moonlight koi fish swimming in dark water & Andrea Byrd  Andrea Byrd is a Junior at Mississippi Valley State University double majoring in English and Mass Communications. She enjoys writing short fiction and poetry…

  • Two Haikus

    Two Haikus

    by Cat Kivett Smith Memory Records concurrent rainbow bleeds deep and then soaks around circular time layers The Dictionary dashed-up expression splashes neat over each side sentences knock dry & & Cat Kivett Smith Cat Kivett Smith is a high school student who works as a freelance writer, and has previously been featured in publications…

  • Cerulean-Inarticulate


    by Patrick Karl Curley your body bathed in that blue, that blue the sky takes on just before the dawn breaks, on an August morning, while there are still stars. & Patrick Karl Curley Patrick Karl Curley is a poet and performance artist from Sligo, Ireland. He is curator of Vagabond Voices poetry/performance event for…

  • Two Haikus

    Two Haikus

    Tiffany Cahill is a fresh writer in the literary world with a passion for poetry in particular. Born in Alabama, raised in Texas, and now finding herself in a rural county of Wyoming, she has aspires to find what’s past the small towns she’s always known.

  • Absolution


    by Mukund Gnanadesikan Cloud enshrouded lakeHears silent cries of mourningWaterfall forgives& Mukund Gnanadesikan Mukund Gnanadesikan’s work can be seen in Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Ibis The Bangalore Review, Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine, Tanka Journal, Cathexis Northwest, Duck Lake Journal, Stardust Review, Calliope and The Cape Rock among…

  • Two Haikus

    Two Haikus

    Rachel T. Smith is an American writer and physical therapist temporarily on assignment in Germany. She is a writing wanderer, traveling the world, finding tranquility in movement. She writes poetry, fiction, and anything that catches her fancy.

  • Pond


    by John L. Stanizzi 4.21.202011:51 AM59 degrees Pleasures of greens – fields, new leaves, pastures of skunk cabbage, occurrences of repeated splashes and ripples just after the frogs have leapt; nicknames for plants – bittersweet, virgin’s bower, pussy-toes, harebell, and diving wobblers, the polliwogs, are back today, flashing and flaring at the shoreline.&& John L.…

  • How Long Do We Not Last

    How Long Do We Not Last

    by E.R. Sutcliffe The mountain dwells notOn fleeting issues of menTimes continues on&& E.R. Sutcliffe E. R. Sutcliffe is a freelance writer with a background in psychology, addiction and social work. Artist: Martins Malinovskis 

  • Wonder


    by Eric Sawyers I used to wonder I then let go and started to wander I now live in wonder I used to wonder how I then stepped out and wandered far I now see wonder with my heart I used to wonder when I then opened my eyes and wandered about I now can…

  • Three Poems

    Three Poems

    by Meghan Kilpatrick The Worst Parts of YourselfFind comfort in the unknownNurture your bodyEvery part of youI hope your confidence radiatesI hope you stop criticizing MarathonEmotions RunTo the beat ofThe pounding heartEyes meetTo say whatWords are unableTo express SolitudeHe glances out his windowwatching the sunflowers danceto the wind’s quiet songThe Earth remained silentHe was the…