by John Martino —a lamp shade&&&& for my luminous head Here!—uncuff the watch&&&& from my wrist Place my feet &&&&in buttercups! I won’t be needing&&& my eyes anymore Now I’m all ears&&& Talk to me Tell me everything&&& ’s gonna be all right&& John Martino John Martino is a writer, educator, and avid traveler currently … Continue reading Quick

July 14

by Raina Seward when i first met you your face blushed pink and your words tripped up the stairs your eyes were scared but they ran sideways and up the walls it was a cold wet day but the lightning heated the earth’s surface and made me melt from within and though we never touched … Continue reading July 14

Eat Your Heart Out

by Sarah Bollman Rivers run from loose lips and glazed eyes staring ever forward. Teeth close around soft muscle, clenching and releasing out of rhythm Hemoglobin, iron rich, Syrup-thick plasma sliding down past places it might have Resided, now standing empty and Longing, longing for the maybes, the Could’as, would’as, should’as Draped gently between splintered … Continue reading Eat Your Heart Out

death comes at any timemorning night, old or in youthare you ready now? beauty in alleverything that she isShe is one with God A Fortunate LoveFloating Among the BrokenOn a grey morning quite a bleak outlookbut it depends how you seeno morning is dark&& Douglas Spiegel Douglas is an efficient, dedicated and diverse writer– continually … Continue reading

Eight Years Old empty swing laughter of their child still ringing Chicago Winters winter trees each robed with snowfall Japanese Garden moonlight koi fish swimming in dark water & & Andrea Byrd  Andrea Byrd is a Junior at Mississippi Valley State University double majoring in English and Mass Communications. She enjoys writing short fiction and … Continue reading

Two Haikus

by Cat Kivett Smith Memory Records concurrent rainbow bleeds deep and then soaks around circular time layers The Dictionary dashed-up expression splashes neat over each side sentences knock dry & & Cat Kivett Smith Cat Kivett Smith is a high school student who works as a freelance writer, and has previously been featured in publications … Continue reading Two Haikus

Two Haikus

by Tiffany Cahill Speak when on your ownSo that you don’t forgetThe strength in your voice. If I don’t blinkI can’t see the shadowsLiving in the dark. & Tiffany Cahill Tiffany Cahill is a fresh writer in the literary world with a passion for poetry in particular. Born in Alabama, raised in Texas, and now … Continue reading Two Haikus


by Mukund Gnanadesikan Cloud enshrouded lakeHears silent cries of mourningWaterfall forgives& Mukund Gnanadesikan Mukund Gnanadesikan’s work can be seen in Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Ibis The Bangalore Review, Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine, Tanka Journal, Cathexis Northwest, Duck Lake Journal, Stardust Review, Calliope and The Cape Rock among … Continue reading Absolution