• The Storm

    The Storm

    by Melissa Chappell Upon his bed of white linen, he laid me down. I was beneath him when the sun looked upon us with its jealous eye through the polished window panes. His hands were praising me, when the stratus clouds stretched over the sun’s burnished light, denying it glory. My mouth was seeking the…

  • Not Forgettable

    Not Forgettable

    by Ted E.F. Roberts after stretched hearts and out-loud love        we writhe in a chaos of snarled sheets, haiku parts and aphorisms. nothing about you is forgettable. your breathy hushed moans and damp crescent eyes, the “C” of your toes, dancing demands, defined desires and the soft joys whispered till deep in…

  • You Have One Message

    You Have One Message

    by Wim Coleman I see a rainbow.I thought I’d catch you there.Now I see two rainbows.I’m calling on the only Tuesday in November.It’s three-thirty in the afternoon but only temporarily.I am at a pay phone in Pasadena.Go out in your yard and look.Look now don’t wait till you get home.Don’t stop to get dressed either.One…

  • Sole Exposure (or Love Me Raw)

    Sole Exposure (or Love Me Raw)

    by Erica Jasmin Brown Let me strip for you, Take off the layers, Bare my soul in a way no one else will see. Remove the mask, Displace the veil, Show you all there is of me. Expose me, Embrace me, Love me in my purest state. Let me strip for you, Utter every secret,…

  • Of Dreams and Eulogy

    Of Dreams and Eulogy

    by Nisarga Sinha Ours is a Winter love story.My messy bun,your midnight laughterandstars.I have been visitingthe stars on my terraceof late.Andthe Nebulaerupting from the dead lilacs.The heavy tinge of forgetfulnessrunning through my veinsand the evening street.Yesterday,I saw J. Alfred. Prufrockand the unfinished poemof Eliot’s oblivion,laughing together, singing what they could have been,andGoing to Bob Dylanto…

  • Unreachable


    by Paul Robert Mullen the continents have become small strides i have trembled upon peaks breathed the darkness of lairs untouched witnessed the peace of dawn skimming dampness off the clouds with wings bound for something / somewhere pierced the hum and haze of a thousand cities with hardened feet and softened mind i have…

  • Just Not Now

    Just Not Now

    by Kristen Dunn There will be a time and place for me But I guess it is just not now The thread is unraveling And I don’t really know how Life is always moving We are dictated by the sun I remember when he met me But I didn’t know he would be the one…

  • Resolve


    by Kristen Dunn Feeling some type of calm even though my body aches I like the way I’ve lived I do not see any mistakes people are destructive Emotions more intense than my own sometimes it gets the best of them sometimes their true colors are shown a call out to end the conflict a…

  • Possessive


    by Kathleen O’Neil That strip of cloth is mordant red. I’d wrestle it, but who wants to be alone? Such a deceptive slip of cloth laid out over velvet cream skin. My little amoret. Touches you lay over yourself say it all. It’s autonomous, a cryptex of brocade and cambric and tells me your fears.…

  • Memories


    Memories by Kathleen O’Neil This translucent organza covers my skin like snow; the innermost part of me is burning away. It just smolders. Oxygen, the air, it’s everywhere. The cold poison will seep down through soft delicate shoulder, under the left collarbone edge through bone and the shield of muscle.