• Holding Me, Holding You

    Holding Me, Holding You

    Rebecca Cheek (she/her/hers) is a transracial International Korean American adoptee living in South Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a background in manufacturing of drug delivery systems and quality assurance management in chemical manufacturing

  • Three Poems by David Murphy

    Three Poems by David Murphy

    David Murphy won the Seaton Fellowship for Creative Writing in 2006. He served as the editor-in-chief of Touchstone, a literary magazine published by Kansas State University. He has published most recently in The Fourth River, Papyrus, and Saint Somewhere. He lives and writes outside in a pueblo outside of Tepic, Mexico.

  • Two Poems by Alshaad Kara

    Two Poems by Alshaad Kara

    The Dawn’s Bellow Eavesdropping into that mansion in smut,Your piano is screeching the dark emotions.My emptied heart is stuck in an urn,Is my liberty in captivity?Eavesdropping close to my heart,Cracks are appearing on the ceiling!Water is flooding through the decanter!The violin is quivering by this spatter.Submit those sunrises to those sunshine,My heartbreak is in captivity.&&Fallen […]

  • Andy Betz has tutored and taught in excess of 40 years. He lives in 1974, and has been married for 30 years. His works are found everywhere a search engine operates (including Dream Noir).

  • Cold Room

    Cold Room

    by Jide Badmus It’s a rainy morning.The earth breathescold on its citizens.I reach for a blanket offlesh that is unavailable. The room is filledwith pieces of you—strands of hair,vestige of scent,mirage of smile &a ghost of your voice.There is a depressionon your side of the bed—but these walls struggleto reconstruct memories.The mirror claims not torecall […]

  • Whiskey Jail

    Whiskey Jail

    by Joseph Rogers Through these wooden bars I see a scene enacted without me: joy painted across your face; an understudy in my rightful place. This vinyl booth becomes my jail, a prison of whiskey with shots for bail, while red searchlights illuminate the empty glasses that spell my fate. We spoke until the sun […]

  • Persephone


    by Rae Rozman Last night, I dreamt of uson a warm fall eveningsitting beside a campfireTom Petty crooningWildflowersfrom unseen speakerspassing a bottle of bourbonback and forth. You wore your winter coat(the lavender one)despite the heat. I burned.Took off pieces of my clothingand threw themone by oneinto the firethe flames turning aubergine and amber. Naked, I […]

  • Cartography


    by Emma Demopoulos The colors you braid into your hair Are painted on my heart Beaten by the wind and salt, They become memories of what they once were The words you write Are tucked in all my pockets They coat the inside of my clothes Reminders of what I can’t wash away The comfort […]

  • Two Native Tongues

    Two Native Tongues

    by Taleen Mardirossian My tongue belongs to two lovers. I spend my days with one, my nights with the other. One is older, much older, much wiser. He’s had fewer lovers, so I am careful not to lose him. I wear his poetry on my lips, his dances in my feet. He’s a wanderer, a traveler– […]

  • Summer’s Smoke

    Summer’s Smoke

    Sage Leona is a cancer who enjoys putting her emotions into words that other people can read and understand. She is a senior in college and hopes to one day join the Peace Corps and be a bartender.