Of Dreams and Eulogy

by Nisarga Sinha Ours is a Winter love story.My messy bun,your midnight laughterandstars.I have been visitingthe stars on my terraceof late.Andthe Nebulaerupting from the dead lilacs.The heavy tinge of forgetfulnessrunning through my veinsand the evening street.Yesterday,I saw J. Alfred. Prufrockand the unfinished poemof Eliot’s oblivion,laughing together, singing what they could have been,andGoing to Bob Dylanto … Continue reading Of Dreams and Eulogy

Objects in the Overhead Bin May Shift During Travel

Objects in the Overhead Bin May Shift During Travel by Alexandra Morean

Alexandra Morean is currently getting her BA in writing, editing, and publishing as well as music production. She was born in Venezuela and grew up in Miami, Florida, soaking in all kinds of culture and inspiration. Alexandra hopes to connect with her readers on a spiritual level and provide comfort and aid to those who relate with her work. Continue reading Objects in the Overhead Bin May Shift During Travel

The Flood

by Fabrice B. Poussin Counting the drops, it is not always clear that a flood may be coming by way of the river. Walking on the tow path, mooing at the bovines, singing the melody familiar to the wild coyotes; no light seems to hold power over the new darkness; clouds thick as a dirty … Continue reading The Flood

The Best You Can Do

by Lauren Bender Her sweater takes your hand without bite,her head lifts to watch you dispense your charity. Her eye peels your skin away, and your insidesscrunch up and then fold in on themselves like many palms covering faces as they buckleto weepiness. Things flutter in your chest, you start to understand that it’s not … Continue reading The Best You Can Do

Sky is Dark

by Alexandria Liston A Tabby swaddled in cellophane. Smoldered stiff residue. Thinking if I didn’t eat, I could spend hundreds of dollars on clothes instead. Thinking less body would be good; Thinking less of me and more of you. The train is cold and still. Winding in loops and loops with light above. It is … Continue reading Sky is Dark


by Kelly Stacy Let us pay the bill on time, let us walk to the grocery store together, let us order more shelves for that space in our living room, between the radiator and the wall, let’s give it some purpose, let’s fill it with all our small totems, let’s do brunch on Saturday morning, … Continue reading Adoration