From Being Stalingrad to Nothingness

by Brett Stout After she annexed her existenceandthe Crimea, confessions as oxymoron’swere writtenin dead languages onblank Post-It Notesleft in empty carriagesas thebroken dams filled withneon ghetto trashcansand urban rodent predators weresprayingdesigner cologne onme and inthe pages ofmonthly corporate familymagazines, celebrate the revolutionwith blood soaked handsand pinwheelsof death and mass genocide, yellow ochreprimary redblackandlime greenpaint strokes … Continue reading From Being Stalingrad to Nothingness

Art by Jim George

Jim George Jim George is a writer-artist-songwriter-musician from Reading, PA. His fiction, poems and artwork have appeared in Otoliths, The MOON, The Sea Letter, The Ear, Lotus-eater, Defenestration, What Are Birds, ANON, Hock Spit Slurp, Queen Mob’s Tea House, and The Five-Two, among others; his nonfiction has been published in Playboy, Cinema Retro, and Best … Continue reading Art by Jim George


by Anthony Salandy One can always find the time In much the same way we wait For planes to arrive and depart And carry us far and wide, But some lack the time to see Beyond their selfish desires Because time they believe Will give them ample space To do later what they should do … Continue reading Sincere

Six Haikus

by Anita Sahoo twelve o’clock my interdigitals ooze sunshine clock ticks on my granny resumes her slumber pitch black night my cellphone flares over me blazing sun watermelons and cicada’s song a sun-shield ring on my ring etches a ring on my sun kissed skin Sunday morning melody of hymns Jesus revive & & Anita … Continue reading Six Haikus

quit notice

by Salam Wosu because my body is a house situated beside the beautiful sea overlooking the horizon/           high above clouds I cannot afford it. Today I sold a piece/ of my soul for another moment/       to watch the sun set dive/ into the wetness of the sea. Tomorrow I … Continue reading quit notice