• Three Poems by Carla Sarett

    Three Poems by Carla Sarett

    Self-Portrait as Shostakovichplays stud pokersmokes a packtap dances on pianosleeps in unlit stairwellvalise packedprays not yet not yet Self-Portrait at Dinnerone person hereone person missing Addendum for Healthcare ProxyIf I lingerbefore dying Know I’m readyfor what is next. But before you setme free, play the Brandenburgsto the last note, then againjust in case. Carla Sarett […]

  • The Unspoken

    The Unspoken

     Hafsa Moin The paintings are about the hidden stories of the artists family. Certain events of the past that are never spoken about, since they are considered dishonorable to the family. The visuals are a recreation of moments of traumatic memory and how she remembers them. The hidden ancestral history emerges from these paintings, each […]

  • After Hours

    After Hours

    by RC deWinter sing me a new songin the key of longingfiltered through the shadowsof everything you ever wished fori promise not to laughor be dismissivei recognize the colorof the those shadowsmelancholy’s hazy haloloneliness in almost midnight bluei too am a dreamerwith my own songa wisheron the gentle evening starthere’s music in your voicewisdom in […]

  • Renoir, Apprentice

    Renoir, Apprentice

    a golden shovel after Wendy Xu’s tiny palace by Danielle Page breathe into me allthat you once knew, ofpottery and porcelain, thisbrush stroke and this line takesits shape just so, master place-ment of figures and marvel, inside,at the marbling of hues on skin, adetail lost on ceramic, how mysteriousthe vibration of each color tinyappears on […]

  • From Shark This Ease

    From Shark This Ease

    A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida. She has published 27 collections and chapbooks of poetry. In addition, she has published her work in numerous national and international literary journals. She is currently the editor for Kind of a Hurricane Press literary journals.

  • Two Poems by Alshaad Kara

    Two Poems by Alshaad Kara

    The Dawn’s Bellow Eavesdropping into that mansion in smut,Your piano is screeching the dark emotions.My emptied heart is stuck in an urn,Is my liberty in captivity?Eavesdropping close to my heart,Cracks are appearing on the ceiling!Water is flooding through the decanter!The violin is quivering by this spatter.Submit those sunrises to those sunshine,My heartbreak is in captivity.&&Fallen […]

  • Two Poems by George Freek

    Two Poems by George Freek

    Life at SunriseAfter Li Po A spider web of stars,encloses the moonin a suffocating net,but the stars are long dead,and the moonis merely a rock of lead.Life and death are eternal mysteries.and questions without answersare better left unsaid.I look at my cat, sleepingpeacefully in my bed.He’s troubled byjust one thing,when he wakes, will he be […]

  • Night


    Dominik Slusarczyk was educated at The University of Nottingham where he got a degree in biochemistry. He has been making art for a number of years. He makes everything from film to music but is am mainly active in painting and poetry. He writes extensively. Earlier this year he self-published ten books in a variety of subjects including art, science, and philosophy.

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day

    by Maria Letterioti We were told yesterday in class that we must respect Earth. That means the plants and the animals. The environment, our natural habitat. “We must collect all trash from the beach,” our teacher said. “We must not leave any waste behind, and we have to be considerate of others. Selfishness shall not […]

  • After The Breath is Music

    After The Breath is Music

    Hazel J. Hall (she/they) is an eighteen-year-old disabled-queer writer based in rural New Hampshire. Right now, she is pursuing an English degree while working on her first novel. More of Hazel’s work can be found in Wishbone Words, Overtly Lit, and Beltway Poetry Quarterly, with other pieces forthcoming or visible at their site, hazeljhall.com