• Summer’s Smoke

    Summer’s Smoke

    Sage Leona is a cancer who enjoys putting her emotions into words that other people can read and understand. She is a senior in college and hopes to one day join the Peace Corps and be a bartender.

  • New June

    New June

    by Stacey Lawrence The town pool splasheswith half naked dysfunction.Kids in pink hatsand mint crocks skittle by youngmoms as they flip flopto the parking lot, straw bags swinglike empty briefcases. Earbud clad, gaggles of tweenagersswagger bymanicured and pedicured,American Girl Dollsin cream bikinisswipe glass. This is where you learned to swim,gliding and flyingthrough cerulean water,wet mops…

  • Four Poems

    Four Poems

    by Stephanie Valente The Pontiacin this universe,the guitars are lostskulking under bed sheetswatching rain fallthrough a windowin this universe,we take turnsdriving(almost) endlesslyi love the cari love the privacyurgent intimacyin this universeyou’ll tell meeverythingi’ll learn half-truthswe’ll never get tired I Came Here to Be Alonebaby, i think of youlike Coca-Cola chilling in the fridgeso fondly, like a…