Two Poems by Alshaad Kara

The Dawn’s Bellow Eavesdropping into that mansion in smut,Your piano is screeching the dark emotions.My emptied heart is stuck in an urn,Is my liberty in captivity?Eavesdropping close to my heart,Cracks are appearing on the ceiling!Water is flooding through the decanter!The violin is quivering by this spatter.Submit those sunrises to those sunshine,My heartbreak is in captivity. … Continue reading Two Poems by Alshaad Kara

Figueroa Street

by Jose Oseguera Its long, serpentine body always filthy in a compost of candy wrappers, flattened chip bags, and stained soda bottle shards— divine translucence of a Parisian rose window; their glass rattles beside me like excited children, hopping over syringes, charred stainless steel spoons, ripped surgical gloves, and dried streams of urine— the pigeons … Continue reading Figueroa Street