• Sunset


    by Sarah Mackey Kirby You caught me in the trawler of your sapphire stare. Kissed scars on battered heart that struggles more and more to beat. And blood to bleed. Where broken nights await you. This fate. This love I’ve watered till roots dug deep for you. Just in time to germinate your future. I…

  • My Love is on Paper Only

    My Love is on Paper Only

    by Lucy Zhang My first love taught me how to fold a pinwheel. You need a square sheet of paper, he told me. But I had no square paper on hand, so we snuck a stack of white 8.5 by 11 printer paper from the classroom supplies closet. You can use this as a bookmark,…

  • Joyce


    by Ed Ahern When I was fourteen there was a girl I thought was cute but never had the nerve to chase. We spent four years near but never close and thirty years in mutual ignorance. Her image lingered in what-if conjectures about who I’d guessed her to be and how we might have meshed…

  • Objects in the Overhead Bin May Shift During Travel

    Objects in the Overhead Bin May Shift During Travel

    Alexandra Morean is currently getting her BA in writing, editing, and publishing as well as music production. She was born in Venezuela and grew up in Miami, Florida, soaking in all kinds of culture and inspiration.

  • Honeymoon on the Volga

    Honeymoon on the Volga

    by William Doreski This is our third honeymoon and the first on which you’ve spoken to me, to anyone. The Volga flows under our little room. The innkeeper wields no recognizable language. Your native Russian means nothing to him. When English falls from my mouth it writhes on the carpet, where he extinguishes it with…