Six Haikus

by Hugh Findlay Spring Cycle Black bird, amber weeds red hawk, blue sky, green river sun melting white ice Flow Geese swallowing wind Fine-tuning reedy voices Following Autumn Her Her silver bosom Joyful splashes in the pool A whistling sparrow October Voices of dead leaves Bony fingers of tree limbs Schoolboys sprinting home Dog Zen … Continue reading Six Haikus

Three Haikus

by James Roderick Burns With equal gracelight falls on both crowand chorister Catkinsalmost soot-freehalf a mile from town Just as good –the printed snow-goose’swild inky honks.&& James Roderick James Roderick Burns is the author of three short-form collections, most recently The Worksongs of the Worms (2018). His work has appeared in The Guardian, The North, … Continue reading Three Haikus

Six Haikus

by Sunita Sahoo splash of rain on my windowpane the world seems blurry crack of dawn languid doves whitewashed canopy a blue damselfly in distress stuck in cobweb Monsoon rain – frolicking paper boats a bonfire of change engulfs the world hatred burns coffee steam bookmarked page the scent of rain & & Sunita Sahoo … Continue reading Six Haikus

Four Haikus

by Sam Waszkelewicz We sit on the porch The cross-breeze rustles through us As the cars drive by Property lines drawn Stacked stone fencing and bushes Will outlive us all Lanky tree limbs Rise farther than eyes can see Climb and never stop Promise will want Money is whiny Beautiful world know me Despite spurs … Continue reading Four Haikus

Six Haikus

by Anita Sahoo twelve o’clock my interdigitals ooze sunshine clock ticks on my granny resumes her slumber pitch black night my cellphone flares over me blazing sun watermelons and cicada’s song a sun-shield ring on my ring etches a ring on my sun kissed skin Sunday morning melody of hymns Jesus revive & & Anita … Continue reading Six Haikus

Jaw Sores

by Ann Yang my jaw is swollen from holding back all the secrets clenched between my teeth & Ann Yang  Ann Yang is a writer and poet based in the Bay Area. She has been published in the 2017 Inklings Anthropology and her work is forthcoming in the Summer Edition of Poetic Power 2019. Writing … Continue reading Jaw Sores


by Rajagopal Kaimal Blue sky. Breeze. Flowers. Birds. Springtime in her garden; her home; her heart. & & Rajagopal Kaimal  I began writing poetry quite early in life. It was triggered by my puppy love for a girl. As the days went by my topics widened. I love writing about nature. Every morning with my … Continue reading Springtime