Eight Years Old empty swing laughter of their child still ringing Chicago Winters winter trees each robed with snowfall Japanese Garden moonlight koi fish swimming in dark water & & Andrea Byrd  Andrea Byrd is a Junior at Mississippi Valley State University double majoring in English and Mass Communications. She enjoys writing short fiction and … Continue reading

Two Haikus

by Cat Kivett Smith Memory Records concurrent rainbow bleeds deep and then soaks around circular time layers The Dictionary dashed-up expression splashes neat over each side sentences knock dry & & Cat Kivett Smith Cat Kivett Smith is a high school student who works as a freelance writer, and has previously been featured in publications … Continue reading Two Haikus

Three Haikus

by Patrick Karl Curley memories of you before you’re gone; dried petals on the windowsill crackling on the breeze tiny sparks of burning chaff glitter in your eyes light that ripples on loneliness in company by a purling brook & & Patrick Karl Curley  Patrick Karl Curley is a poet and performance artist from Sligo, … Continue reading Three Haikus

Two Haikus

by Tiffany Cahill Speak when on your ownSo that you don’t forgetThe strength in your voice. If I don’t blinkI can’t see the shadowsLiving in the dark. & Tiffany Cahill Tiffany Cahill is a fresh writer in the literary world with a passion for poetry in particular. Born in Alabama, raised in Texas, and now … Continue reading Two Haikus


by Mukund Gnanadesikan Cloud enshrouded lakeHears silent cries of mourningWaterfall forgives& Mukund Gnanadesikan Mukund Gnanadesikan’s work can be seen in Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Ibis The Bangalore Review, Bloodroot Literary Magazine, Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine, Tanka Journal, Cathexis Northwest, Duck Lake Journal, Stardust Review, Calliope and The Cape Rock among … Continue reading Absolution

Two Haikus

by Rachel T. Smith The song is sweet loveuntil it makes you cry, thenit’s called nostalgia. Here I can almostsee the secrets inside ofall the universe.&& Rachel T. Smith Rachel T. Smith is an American writer and physical therapist temporarily on assignment in Germany. She is a writing wanderer, traveling the world, finding tranquility in … Continue reading Two Haikus

Haiku by Hadi Panahi

Soldiers on the way, picking raspberries towards the shooting field & Hadi Panahi  Hadi Panahi is a PhD student of psychology, living in Tehran, Iran. He writes poetry, in particular short poems. His work has been published in Better Than Starbucks (July 2019), Gyroscope Review (Summer-2019), Metafore (Spring 2019), Rigorous (2019, Volume Three, Issue 3) … Continue reading Haiku by Hadi Panahi

Haiku on Grief

by Grace Gilbert i. the mind is a room, &&&&&a child against the window listening for snow ii. drowned boy, still missing: &&&&&smooth stone in god’s deep pocket this wet, joyless thing iii. a sunken landscape &&&&&the animal within me makes space for meaning iv. grief lives within me &&&&&a bumblebee trapped between two strong … Continue reading Haiku on Grief