• Orchid In A Bell Jar

    Orchid In A Bell Jar

    Amanda Crum is a writer and artist whose work has appeared in publications such as Barren Magazine and Eastern Iowa Review and in several anthologies, including Beyond The Hill and Two Eyes Open. Her first chapbook of horror-inspired poetry, The Madness In Our Marrow, was shortlisted for a Bram Stoker Award nomination in 2015; her…

  • The Road Home

    The Road Home

    by Bryan Grafton Artist: Francisco Mathews  He had been driving for what seemed like hours now. That was the problem when you owned your own business you had to do everything yourself. He had been in the undertaking business all his life having inherited it from his father. Now he was old, real old, at…

  • The Smell of Hospitals

    The Smell of Hospitals

    The Smell of Hospitals by D.S. Maolalai

  • Blending Techniques 1 & 2

    Blending Techniques 1 & 2

    by Lauren Bender Don’t tell methere are peoplein this room; I can see thembut that does notmean they exist. My sweater sleeveis mouth-soakedwith the fear of swallowing.I am on a missionto be small with furtive eyeslike any animalwith suspicions, pricking its earsto the distant sobsin the hills, angry in anticipation ofbeing hunted. Thenangry I never…