Make A Wish

by Sam Ray When you’re on top of the worldbut still shatteredPeople mistake you for shooting stars instead of broken matterBut does it matter? They don’t see where you fall after the beautiful light streakTo them, shooting stars are just luckyThe burnout into nonexistenceDoesn’t exist So I guess, make a wish.&& Sam Ray Sam Ray … Continue reading Make A Wish

Jupiter and Saturn

by Leah Mueller for Russ   November storm-watchingon the Pacific coast,I saw you fiercethe first time. You: afraid of webs and travel,always giving methe helm during gales. Cheap Westport motel,probably gone now.Anchors and ashtrays in the side yard,decrepit station wagonsfilled to overflowingwith fishing gear. Ice-cold wind:seventy miles per hour,both of us bundledagainst gusts. Winter uprooted trees,ripped … Continue reading Jupiter and Saturn

The Empress

by Caitlin Copland Galaxies are breaking from your skin, love.Purple clad mystics, climbing stairwell veins,to breathe the tides of your good graces.Resting behind midnight blue arcanayou sit,Venus,crowned in sanguine stardustpouring seeded life over this half moon diadem.You are all things I am not.Holding this pomegranate worldwith open generosity,calling all those in need to drink.How could … Continue reading The Empress