• Ne eligat is qui donum accipit

    Ne eligat is qui donum accipit

    by Andy Betz I sat in the driver’s seat waiting. She sat in the passenger seat watching me suffer. The rain took its cue from her success and began a slow trickle, just enough to make it excusable to remain with her, not enough to justify leaving. I should have departed nonetheless. Her perfume became…

  • Time, Down, and Wary

    Time, Down, and Wary

    by Moiya Gooden Mona sat on the floor collecting her small stash of freshly washed baby blankets and arranging them into neatly folded, color-coded stacks beside her. She looked at the little black trunk, gifted to her by her grandmother at her baby shower a week earlier, and opened it and placed the stacks inside.…

  • Cat Eyes

    Cat Eyes

    by Logan Rose “Go get the cat,” says Mother. I roll my eyes. “Roll your eyes one more time, young lady,” says Stepfather, who likely let the cat out, in the first place. He raises his hackles from the couch, ready to stand over me and emphasize his authority, as if it’s not already clear…

  • Alone


    by Lily Tierney Artist: Andrei Orlov Debbie sat alone at a table in an empty restaurant. She ordered a tuna sandwich and a cup of coffee. The waitress was heading in her direction with it. Her order was placed in front of her, and the waitress said enjoy. Debbie thought that was kind of funny…

  • Second Hand

    Second Hand

    by Daniela Esposito Artist: Todd Heisler I was given a new pair of hands because mine were no good. They came in two colours, gold and space grey. I opted for space grey, somehow gold seemed to be setting myself up for failure. They were factory made and pretty decent although the delivery man dropped…

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day

    by Maria Letterioti Artist: Marta Mengardo We were told yesterday in class that we must respect Earth. That means the plants and the animals. The environment, our natural habitat. “We must collect all trash from the beach,” our teacher said. “We must not leave any waste behind, and we have to be considerate of others.…

  • Three Pieces

    Three Pieces

    by Elancharan Gunasekaran Kill The MessengerPeeling the hood from shaved head, fingers grip tight. “It” struggles. Feeding the enemy, magic for magic. My wildfire to its tiny ember. Carefully I sift through the memories, siphoning conversations, maps, war plans. The euphoria fades and its life is gone. Gates unlock, another subject waits to be probed.…

  • I’ve Got a Dream for you

    I’ve Got a Dream for you

    Reed Kuehn is an avid runner and combat veteran. While literature has always been an important part of his life, recently he has brought it to the forefront with his endeavors in writing.

  • Freshman


    by Epiphany Ferrell Artist: Seamless It occurred to Marion that she’d been lying in bed quite a long time. At first she’d watched the shadow from the windowpane move up the wall, across the ceiling, down the other wall. Then she’d not been able to see it anymore. It all seemed gray, the indistinct light…

  • Slug Bug

    Slug Bug

    On the radio in Ben’s Lexus people talked about how the market always served the consumer but they never said anything real. It was the kind of thing Ben liked to listen to. He was an economic conservative but a social liberal he told her for the hundredth time as he carefully parked in his…