The Ruins

by Jen Mierisch I. In the nineteen-eighties, my parents’ house collapsed. Stubbornness split its beams, conflict cracked the foundation, friction wore away its floors. Walls rotted from the constant floods of bitterness and disenchantment. A lack of upkeep may have been to blame, or maybe its materials were mismatched, failed to fit, could hold no … Continue reading The Ruins

Slug Bug

by Bruce Barrow &&&Somehow she always had the money.  Her favorite was Oxy, but Vicodin or Percocet would do.  Sometimes, though, the money was harder to get than others. &&&On the radio in Ben’s Lexus people talked about how the market always served the consumer but they never said anything real.  It was the kind … Continue reading Slug Bug

A Quiet House

by Sarah Mackey Kirby I decided when I grew up, I’d have a quiet house. Where snapping wind-tapped twigs and magnolia leaves traced open window. Where vitriol didn’t bleed through walls, and slammed back doorsdid not exist. Where only eager, barking dogs could break no-loud-noise code. Where tiptoed morning socks would press against old oak … Continue reading A Quiet House


by Aaron Hicks The family and the house fell on hard times, only to never recover again. What happened next was both unforeseen and yet expected. Poverty had passed itself down from generation to generation through the family. Weariness sitting deep within our souls, and defeat swimming in our bloodline. I remember the days when … Continue reading Shipwrecked

Two Poems

by Yaun Changming &Skyline Roughly, at the same height of&&&&&&&&&Every rocky mountain&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Rising&&&Above all seasonal changeA snowline is widely & cursively cutAs if to bite a whole patch of&&&&&&&&&&&&&Sky from heavenWith rows of rows of&&&&&&&&&&&&&Whale-like teeth.   Immigration To escape from the tyrannical logic Of your mother tongue You wandered, wandering Through earth’s length and breadth … Continue reading Two Poems

Two Poems

by Alan Parry & & Pallbearer i’ll always be grateful to dad for allowing me the freedom to say no, i’m not comfortable with that & Last wish i yearn to die in the dark unseen until mornin’ & & Alan Parry Alan Parry is a poet and playwright from Merseyside, England. He is an … Continue reading Two Poems