• Family Reunion

    Family Reunion

    John Califano lives in the once vibrant and culturally stimulating City of New York where he contemplates his existence, and works helping at-risk parolees transition back into the workforce. He’s worked as a writer, actor, visual artist, and musician. His work is featured in The Broadkill Review, The Willesden Herald’s New Short Stories Series (UK),…

  • Rivers or Shadows Down The Line of The Letter

    Rivers or Shadows Down The Line of The Letter

    by Margaret Saigh Between control and intuition wild geese fly low in the bedroom wood— you knew this once some trees, processed pulped, glossed, priced. Geese fly low along the slats. Blossom of the spider. We arrive from one another— chain of somersaulting babes around the belly of the earth my mom went into the…

  • The Bogeyman

    The Bogeyman

    Elise Farotto is a regular non-fiction contributor to Witches Magazine and the author of three self-published novels. She is an active member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and co-founder of The Coven Creative, a radical female artists’ collective based out of Los Angeles.

  • The Family Hermit

    The Family Hermit

    by John Grey He was a quiet man, not so much thoughtful, as indifferent to thinking. He pretended to be a father but the motions didn’t suit. And his face was ill-fitted for warmth. On Sundays, instead of church, my father would drive some place on his own. take to the side roads, the dirt…

  • The Ruins

    The Ruins

    by Jen Mierisch I. In the nineteen-eighties, my parents’ house collapsed. Stubbornness split its beams, conflict cracked the foundation, friction wore away its floors. Walls rotted from the constant floods of bitterness and disenchantment. A lack of upkeep may have been to blame, or maybe its materials were mismatched, failed to fit, could hold no…

  • Slug Bug

    Slug Bug

    On the radio in Ben’s Lexus people talked about how the market always served the consumer but they never said anything real. It was the kind of thing Ben liked to listen to. He was an economic conservative but a social liberal he told her for the hundredth time as he carefully parked in his…

  • The Harrowing Tale of Wyoming Jack-Rabbits

    The Harrowing Tale of Wyoming Jack-Rabbits

    by Dan A. Cardoza Artist: Geoffrey Ellis Aronson I can’t get enough interstate I-80, between Melissa and her recent past. I never anticipated that I’d see so many dead Jack-Rabbits. Tommy isn’t far behind. I’m convinced of that. I know Tommy very well.  I’m his brother from another father and his best friend. My older brother…

  • A Quiet House

    A Quiet House

    by Sarah Mackey Kirby I decided when I grew up, I’d have a quiet house. Where snapping wind-tapped twigs and magnolia leaves traced open window. Where vitriol didn’t bleed through walls, and slammed back doorsdid not exist. Where only eager, barking dogs could break no-loud-noise code. Where tiptoed morning socks would press against old oak…

  • Too Late For Answers

    Too Late For Answers

    by Rosanne Trost Artist: Marcos Guinoza I grew up in an Irish Catholic family. My mother’s maiden name was Murphy. Dad’s mother had the same maiden name. My sister and I used to joke that our parents were cousins. March 17th was always a big day in our home. Dad had one Kelly green plaid…

  • Shipwrecked


    by Aaron Hicks The family and the house fell on hard times, only to never recover again. What happened next was both unforeseen and yet expected. Poverty had passed itself down from generation to generation through the family. Weariness sitting deep within our souls, and defeat swimming in our bloodline. I remember the days when…