Slug Bug

by Bruce Barrow &&&Somehow she always had the money.  Her favorite was Oxy, but Vicodin or Percocet would do.  Sometimes, though, the money was harder to get than others. &&&On the radio in Ben’s Lexus people talked about how the market always served the consumer but they never said anything real.  It was the kind … Continue reading Slug Bug

Case Solved

by Kashiana Singh After the news article that states the Sacklers are one of America’s richest families thanks to OxyContin. I am vigilant, awareof the toxins that willmeet me at the otherside, of overdosepain relief, diagnosisuncertain, symptomsidiopathic I am vigilant, awareof a mold, ensnaringmy crumblingcrumbling spinenow a hollowvestibule unspokenbrittle anger, whendispensed will ravageinto white sediment, let’s … Continue reading Case Solved