• Slug Bug

    Slug Bug

    On the radio in Ben’s Lexus people talked about how the market always served the consumer but they never said anything real. It was the kind of thing Ben liked to listen to. He was an economic conservative but a social liberal he told her for the hundredth time as he carefully parked in his favorite spot by the river. He listened to NPR, he said, because it was fair, mostly, and the people on it were never mean or yelled at each other. That counted for a lot.

  • Case Solved

    by Kashiana Singh After the news article that states the Sacklers are one of America’s richest families thanks to OxyContin. I am vigilant, awareof the toxins that willmeet me at the otherside, of overdosepain relief, diagnosisuncertain, symptomsidiopathic I am vigilant, awareof a mold, ensnaringmy crumblingcrumbling spinenow a hollowvestibule unspokenbrittle anger, whendispensed will ravageinto white sediment, let’s […]