• A Quiet House

    A Quiet House

    by Sarah Mackey Kirby I decided when I grew up, I’d have a quiet house. Where snapping wind-tapped twigs and magnolia leaves traced open window. Where vitriol didn’t bleed through walls, and slammed back doorsdid not exist. Where only eager, barking dogs could break no-loud-noise code. Where tiptoed morning socks would press against old oak…

  • Summer’s Smoke

    Summer’s Smoke

    Sage Leona is a cancer who enjoys putting her emotions into words that other people can read and understand. She is a senior in college and hopes to one day join the Peace Corps and be a bartender.

  • Caper


    by Sarmistha Gupta Babel in clouds Infatuated ions grope Ploughing into space Seam their Dreams Profound strains Overwhelm the spatial sync Soft murmur among Heavens Shadowy huddle Gnawing eardrums Whimpering apprehension Stars succour Cotton fields gasp Onto the kindle clasp Shudder within the faceless Contoured in scarlet hues Enamoured in unblemished prophecy Perplexed dollops Symbolise…

  • Should I Sit Down

    Should I Sit Down

    by Kevin Risner should I sit down with a block of tarot cards     you flip each one right side up     you go further down the line to the image you’re thirsting for     raise it for all to see the future you have dreamt about I dreamt about so many harrowing things     this past month I…