• Pieces of Me by Alissa Der Kazarian

    Pieces of Me by Alissa Der Kazarian

    Alissa Der Kazarian Alissa is a young aspiring artist from Massachusetts. She enjoys cooking, watching movies, listening to music, and trying new creative projects. She tries to convey her own unique perspective on people and everyday objects/subject matter through her art, offering a look into her mind and view of the world.

  • Art by Jim George

    Art by Jim George

    Jim George Jim George is a writer-artist-songwriter-musician from Reading, PA. His fiction, poems and artwork have appeared in Otoliths, The MOON, The Sea Letter, The Ear, Lotus-eater, Defenestration, What Are Birds, ANON, Hock Spit Slurp, Queen Mob’s Tea House, and The Five-Two, among others; his nonfiction has been published in Playboy, Cinema Retro, and Best…

  • African Child by Emmanuel Kolawole

    African Child by Emmanuel Kolawole

    Emmanuel Kolawole I’m a pencil artist and I specialize in the use of graphite and charcoal to create photorealistic drawings. My works are physical representations of inspirations I get from the things going on around me. With my pencils, I strive to give life to the thoughts generated during my times of silence. Drawing is…

  • Art by Charles Talkoff

    Art by Charles Talkoff

    Charles Talkoff Charles Talkoff is a freelance photographer and artist. His short fiction has appeared in, Underground Voices, JMWW, 3QR, The Midway Review, and The Urbanite. He lives in Chicago.

  • Art by Doug Flaherty

    Art by Doug Flaherty

    Doug Flaherty Doug Flaherty’s abstract digital art has appeared on covers of the Wisconsin Review, and One Trick Pony. Other cover art appeared on poets’ chapbooks. His art work is forthcoming in Abstract magazine in NYC. Flaherty has published poetry in the New Yorker, the Nation, North American Review, and scores of other literary magazines.…