Remembering Lance

by Stephen Jackson Lance was born in the pale, a drift of seed &&&&could pass through that flesh, a twist of ivy’d &&&&&&&&&be a gift to bones so frail. Veins blued out in the crux of an elbow, spine puzzle-pieced &&&&from neck to tailbone, sun’d catch his skin &&&&&&&&the way a ship’s sail catches wind. … Continue reading Remembering Lance

Two Poems

by Alan Parry & & Pallbearer i’ll always be grateful to dad for allowing me the freedom to say no, i’m not comfortable with that & Last wish i yearn to die in the dark unseen until mornin’ & & Alan Parry Alan Parry is a poet and playwright from Merseyside, England. He is an … Continue reading Two Poems

quit notice

by Salam Wosu because my body is a house situated beside the beautiful sea overlooking the horizon/           high above clouds I cannot afford it. Today I sold a piece/ of my soul for another moment/       to watch the sun set dive/ into the wetness of the sea. Tomorrow I … Continue reading quit notice

The Road Home

by Bryan Grafton He had been driving for what seemed like hours now. That was the problem when you owned your own business you had to do everything yourself. He had been in the undertaking business all his life having inherited it from his father. Now he was old, real old, at the end of … Continue reading The Road Home

The Carpenter’s Son

by Katie Pukash mine is nothing but stain-each carving a little less.can’t say too much about the carpenterwhen the carpenter holds the only chisel.pliers for eyes-he will call you Floorboard andClaw hammer and Screwdriver and Sin-will knock at your throatuntil there is nothing but screws.stained and sealed-Mouth Wide and Shut.he won’t come back to search-not … Continue reading The Carpenter’s Son

Emily by Howie Good

Sailors just grabbed what they could — a Mickey Mouse teddy bear my sister had since she was little — before the ship broke apart in nightmarish purple seas, the wind wailing as if the wails might actually be expressing something, anguish or fear or fratricidal rage, while back on shore, graves vomited up the dead, and, farther inland, … Continue reading Emily by Howie Good