• Poem by Simon Perchik

    Poem by Simon Perchik

    To remind you how long before whitebecomes invisible –you fold this dish clothover and over as if each splash is wiped with a cry making roomthe way an old love song turns the worldstill from inside, lowers it into this sink though you reach down for the armthat was everything –it’s a ritualwhere after every…

  • Don’t Be Scared of Graveyards

    Don’t Be Scared of Graveyards

    by Vera Armstead Artist: Unknown I’m tired of watching those old movies with teenagers drinking in a cemetery at midnight before Halloween. It’s not interesting for zombies to pop out of graves or spirits to fill the air, silencing the squeals of the cheerleaders. How am I supposed to feel empathy for jocks that bully…

  • Grapefruit Vultures

    Grapefruit Vultures

    by Hayden Rigby The day I stop loving you is the day the vultures show up. My grandfather always told me it was a myth that they circle around animals that are dying, but then why is a group of them called a wake? I hear them first, then look out my window to see…

  • Maydays


    by Philip Wendt I can tell you everything about the plane and the passengers, except for their names. We were never formally introduced and never will be, but I know them. I can describe them all right down to the color of their socks. I know their seat numbers, what they were drinking, and what…

  • Ghost


    by Jack Wildern As a child I was always trying to escape. I asked my brother to tie me up just so that I could wriggle free. As a teenager I broke curfews, wondering what it was that awaited in hours hidden to me by my parents. Never wanting to fit in, always looking for…

  • Remembering Lance

    Remembering Lance

    Stephen Jackson lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest, where he divides his time between Washington and Oregon. His poems have most recently appeared or are forthcoming in The American Journal of Poetry, HelloHorror and Impossible Archetype.

  • Two Poems

    Two Poems

    by Alan Parry Pallbeareri’ll always be grateful todad for allowing me the freedomto say no, i’m not comfortable with that Last Wishi yearn to die in the dark unseen until mornin’. Alan Parry Alan Parry is a poet and playwright from Merseyside, England. He is an English Literature graduate and will train to teach high…

  • quit notice

    quit notice

    by Salam Wosu because my body is a house situated beside the beautiful sea overlooking the horizon/           high above clouds I cannot afford it. Today I sold a piece/ of my soul for another moment/       to watch the sun set dive/ into the wetness of the sea. Tomorrow I…

  • The Road Home

    The Road Home

    by Bryan Grafton He had been driving for what seemed like hours now. That was the problem when you owned your own business you had to do everything yourself. He had been in the undertaking business all his life having inherited it from his father. Now he was old, real old, at the end of…

  • The Burial

    The Burial

    Ally Schwam is a poet, artist, and professional UX/UI Designer. Her poetry has previously appeared in Tupelo Press’ 30/30 Project, UMD’s Literary Magazine Stylus, and Poetry WTF?! She lives in Bethesda, MD.