Killed Steel

by Carolyn Drake After Cathy’s death, she found me in Hendriksville. Hendriksville rots beside the Ohio River. The ‘Welcome’ sign reads Population: 5,000, but they must’ve been counting gravestones. The steel mills are two decades deceased, yet the mesothelioma remains, robbing the former workers and their progeny of health and life. Breathing the air in … Continue reading Killed Steel

in the end, who are we but little women fused and accumulated and ready to snap apart from the whole of ourselves like chocolate squares

by Amanda Pendley there are envelope poemsfistfuls of you in my handsblown away only half on purposeand half by the wind held in and let out likea child’s emission of defeat from not beingable to hold their breath any longer I stand emptybreathlesshands limp in a reflected pool of surrenderbefore the scream comesthe scurryingthe nails … Continue reading in the end, who are we but little women fused and accumulated and ready to snap apart from the whole of ourselves like chocolate squares

Connie Girl

by Norman Klein That’s what he called me that morning, as my eyes opened, and both of us saw the kid lying there bloody, smaller than a bird, smaller enough to flush it down, then forgive my husband when he threw me over his shoulder to get me to the hospital, where I locked myself … Continue reading Connie Girl

Case Solved

by Kashiana Singh After the news article that states the Sacklers are one of America’s richest families thanks to OxyContin. I am vigilant, awareof the toxins that willmeet me at the otherside, of overdosepain relief, diagnosisuncertain, symptomsidiopathic I am vigilant, awareof a mold, ensnaringmy crumblingcrumbling spinenow a hollowvestibule unspokenbrittle anger, whendispensed will ravageinto white sediment, let’s … Continue reading Case Solved


by Kate St. Germain I took any advice I could get for six months after Lila died. I meditated, I socialized. I focused on the present; I planned for the future. I was counseled, I was massaged by reiki masters and prophesized by shamans and priests. I went vegan and munched on leafy greens. I … Continue reading Rage


by Philip Wendt I can tell you everything about the plane and the passengers, except for their names. We were never formally introduced and never will be, but I know them. I can describe them all right down to the color of their socks. I know their seat numbers, what they were drinking, and what … Continue reading Maydays


by Jack Wildern As a child I was always trying to escape. I asked my brother to tie me up just so that I could wriggle free. As a teenager I broke curfews, wondering what it was that awaited in hours hidden to me by my parents. Never wanting to fit in, always looking for … Continue reading Ghost