Case Solved

by Kashiana Singh After the news article that states the Sacklers are one of America’s richest families thanks to OxyContin. I am vigilant, awareof the toxins that willmeet me at the otherside, of overdosepain relief, diagnosisuncertain, symptomsidiopathic I am vigilant, awareof a mold, ensnaringmy crumblingcrumbling spinenow a hollowvestibule unspokenbrittle anger, whendispensed will ravageinto white sediment, let’s … Continue reading Case Solved


by Deborah Morris After mushroom tea with honey, My head in a place of fungal beauty, Taking a slow mental trip, I’m baking bread, Is it wise, I ask myself, to work with heat, with fire? Liquid brain flows darkly around the words, “Time,” I say aloud. My mind travels But the bell will bring … Continue reading Risen