• Still or Sparkling

    Still or Sparkling

    by  Greg Roensch The still water bottles were happiest when the sparkling stayed on the opposite side of the shelf. In truth, both sides preferred to keep any interaction to a minimum. The way the still water bottles saw it, their fizzy counterparts were carbonated showoffs who only came around for special occasions, like holidays […]

  • Two Poems

    Two Poems

    by Angelica Liu Oblivious It began with– a dumb pain, as if a nip in heart and then– a silent scream, as if a struggle underwater and then– a static breakdown, as if a dying without witness and life just passed on, obliviously A Life Like a Plant Time grows wildly here It creeps over […]

  • Dr. Anay Ayarovu: Author of STAZR The World Of Z

    Dr. Anay Ayarovu: Author of STAZR The World Of Z

    by Karina DiGregorio Interviewer, Karina DiGregorio, interviews Author, Dr. Anay Ayarovu,about her new novel STAZR The World Of Z: The Dawn Of Athir. What inspired you to write STAZR? STAZR The World Of Z is about a journey Lael was destined to make, but unfortunately, he has no idea where to start, so he has […]

  • The Harrowing Tale of Wyoming Jack-Rabbits

    The Harrowing Tale of Wyoming Jack-Rabbits

    by Dan A. Cardoza I can’t get enough interstate I-80, between Melissa and her recent past. I never anticipated that I’d see so many dead Jack-Rabbits. Tommy isn’t far behind. I’m convinced of that. I know Tommy very well.  I’m his brother from another father and his best friend. My older brother Tommy is the […]

  • Static


    by Amanda Pendley stagnant hum of surf worn bodies/ washed up on shorelines/ bathtubs/ sewers/ what it means to be underneath/ passed over/ laid to rest in foggy water/ laid to bed in defeat/ in retreat/ in the crinkle of the television turning on/ tuning/ searching/ through databases of well kept facts/ tune out the […]

  • A Window Of Hope: A Review Of A New Year’s Eve Recollection by Chekhov

    by Khalifa Al-Kuwari Magic, snow and anticipation are an integral part of the web of imagery around the festivities accompanying the marking of New Year’s Eve, an evening in which one always hopes that the year to come is endowed with the treasuries of happiness and in which the evils of misery become a relic […]

  • Connie Girl

    Connie Girl

    by Norman Klein That’s what he called me that morning, as my eyes opened, and both of us saw the kid lying there bloody, smaller than a bird, smaller enough to flush it down, then forgive my husband when he threw me over his shoulder to get me to the hospital, where I locked myself […]

  • Shipwrecked


    by Aaron Hicks The family and the house fell on hard times, only to never recover again. What happened next was both unforeseen and yet expected. Poverty had passed itself down from generation to generation through the family. Weariness sitting deep within our souls, and defeat swimming in our bloodline. I remember the days when […]

  • So Are You A Muslim or What?

    So Are You A Muslim or What?

    by Omar Hussain The day I bury my dad there are last-minute volunteers for Democrats and Republicans, holding cheap-looking messenger bags with overflowing pamphlets, canvassing the neighborhood. The energy from their red or blue pins and over the top joviality powers them down sidewalks and up driveways and in doorways. It’s November in California, so […]

  • My Nana’s Video Cassette Library, His Death

    My Nana’s Video Cassette Library, His Death

    by Kashiana Singh My nana’s bookshelfwas my paradise readers digests, Huckleberry Finna Britannica encyclopediaa Quran too then he grew older, my Nani died,and aloneness arrived. He decided to transforminto a lender, from a readerhis walled library became a display of video cassettesI remember, the magic of that room emblazoned by a vision, an addictiondotted with […]