Earth Day

by Maria Letterioti We were told yesterday in class that we must respect Earth. That means the plants and the animals. The environment, our natural habitat. “We must collect all trash from the beach,” our teacher said. “We must not leave any waste behind, and we have to be considerate of others. Selfishness shall not … Continue reading Earth Day

Punting Everything We Don’t Have The Guts To Say Into The Sky

by Amanda Pendley little kids blush when confronted with crushesthough it may be the purest form of loveany of us will ever haveI’m stumbling upon more and more days latelywhen I wish I could go back to thatwe always teased zach about shannonand you teased me about zach and hissoccer trained legs that punted kickballsstudying … Continue reading Punting Everything We Don’t Have The Guts To Say Into The Sky


by Stacey Z. Lawrence  He is eleven, almost a manwhen the belt’s buckle catchesunder his skin.As usual hegrips the kitchen sinkstares at the faucet dripas she whips.He never cries, but this timebloody puddles stainhis white socks, the canvasof his Converse,gore trickles down his leg.She places it on the counter,bits of his ass impaledupon sharp metal … Continue reading Belt


by D.S. Maolalai my friends send me news articles which I really should be reading but instead I go on YouTube and hunt for old cartoons; Wile E Coyote and Elmer Fudd – I always like the losers in every game I see but in the news today none of the losers are funny. it’s … Continue reading Cartoons