Business Trips

by Lauren Bender I pack my identity guides, flip and re-flip the pages in my quest to makea catalognot just of what I am and not just of what I think I amor what I would like to think I ambut what I could be. Most important of all those possibilities, and the waymy astrological … Continue reading Business Trips

Tipping Point

by Lauren Bender I bled outduring the night. A small wound.I don’t know why. I woke to find mybody drained, a bit dizzy.Must have been midnight when I hit empty,a man rattling my doorknob backand forth slow, quiet, angryat its lock. Must have been thatwicked moment when the oven clicked on,thinking about itself, and the … Continue reading Tipping Point


by Kelly Stacy Let us pay the bill on time, let us walk to the grocery store together, let us order more shelves for that space in our living room, between the radiator and the wall, let’s give it some purpose, let’s fill it with all our small totems, let’s do brunch on Saturday morning, … Continue reading Adoration

Emily by Howie Good

Sailors just grabbed what they could — a Mickey Mouse teddy bear my sister had since she was little — before the ship broke apart in nightmarish purple seas, the wind wailing as if the wails might actually be expressing something, anguish or fear or fratricidal rage, while back on shore, graves vomited up the dead, and, farther inland, … Continue reading Emily by Howie Good

The Empress

by Caitlin Copland Galaxies are breaking from your skin, love.Purple clad mystics, climbing stairwell veins,to breathe the tides of your good graces.Resting behind midnight blue arcanayou sit,Venus,crowned in sanguine stardustpouring seeded life over this half moon diadem.You are all things I am not.Holding this pomegranate worldwith open generosity,calling all those in need to drink.How could … Continue reading The Empress