• Risen


    by Deborah Morris After mushroom tea with honey, My head in a place of fungal beauty, Taking a slow mental trip, I’m baking bread, Is it wise, I ask myself, to work with heat, with fire? Liquid brain flows darkly around the words, “Time,” I say aloud. My mind travels But the bell will bring…

  • Wonder


    by Eric Sawyers I used to wonder I then let go and started to wander I now live in wonder I used to wonder how I then stepped out and wandered far I now see wonder with my heart I used to wonder when I then opened my eyes and wandered about I now can…

  • Sculptor Netra

    Sculptor Netra

    Netra Khattri Please click here to read essay Netra Khattri focus on sculpture as a tool to study of world that surrounded us. He explored many different artistic idea and sculpting artistic conceptual structure into the Contemporary Figurative sculpture with allocating his knowledge and skill. In 2015 He Move to USA to pursue his interest in…

  • Art by Birdy Asya

    Art by Birdy Asya

    Anastasiya Kuruliova My name is Anastasiya Kuruliova, better known as Birdy Asya, and I live in Minsk, Belarus. In addition to teaching German, I am 22 years old. As a poet, I enjoy writing prose poetry in English, Russian, and Belarusian. As well as essays in several languages. Also, I draw.

  • Impressions of Lilies

    Impressions of Lilies

    Persephone Delatte Persephone Delatte Kirkland Delatte (she/her or he/him) is aesthetic coordinator for @periwinklezine and a grad student. She is a writer and an illustrator. She also makes jewelry, embroiders, and speaks Italian.

  • Art by Britnie Walston

    Art by Britnie Walston

    Britnie Walston Britnie, a MD based versatile artist, captures energy through light, vibrant color, depth, and texture. Exaggerated brushstrokes and abstract color give her paintings life and voice, and are produced using a variety of unconventional techniques, capturing emotional elements. 

  • Pieces of Me by Alissa Der Kazarian

    Pieces of Me by Alissa Der Kazarian

    Alissa Der Kazarian Alissa is a young aspiring artist from Massachusetts. She enjoys cooking, watching movies, listening to music, and trying new creative projects. She tries to convey her own unique perspective on people and everyday objects/subject matter through her art, offering a look into her mind and view of the world.

  • The Works Of Silas Plum

    The Works Of Silas Plum

    Silas Plum Silas Plum challenges the idea of objective vs subjective value. He believes strongly in the tired old maxim that the true value of an object is more than the sum of its parts, that the gut is a truth-teller, and that the Aristotelian notion of learning-by-doing is the best teacher around. Judge his…

  • BLM Icon

    BLM Icon

    D.S. Kinsel D.S. Kinsel is an award winning cultural agitator. He expresses his creativity through the mediums of painting, installation, curating, and performance. Kinsel’s work puts focus on themes of space keeping, urban tradition, hip-hop, informalism and Cultural Appropriation. D.S. has served creative residencies at Artist Image Resource, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Carnegie…

  • The Defiled Artwork Of Brett Stout

    The Defiled Artwork Of Brett Stout

    Bretty Stout Brett Stout is a 40-year-old artist and writer. He is a high school dropout and former construction worker turned college graduate and paramedic. He creates mostly controversial work usually while breathing toxic paint fumes from a small cramped apartment known as “The Nerd Lab” in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His work has appeared…