• Bronze Figures

    Bronze Figures

    Mark Yale Harris Award-winning sculptor Mark Yale Harris works in alabaster, marble, limestone and bronze, expressing the duality in mans’ essence. Career highlights: 250+ national and international gallery and museum exhibitions (90+ solo); 120+ publications have featured his sculpture; he is represented by twenty galleries (US and UK); and has works in permanent public collections.

  • Western Landscapes

    Western Landscapes

    Kathleen Frank Santa Fe artist paints the Western landscape in vibrant hues, capturing light and pattern in complex terrains. Career highlights include: numerous museum and gallery exhibitions; High Desert Museum Curator’s Choice Award; Art in Embassies/U.S. State Department selection Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; work in permanent collections; and features in numerous fine art publications.

  • Puddles


    Jeff Corwin After 40+ years as an award-winning commercial photographer, Jeff Corwin now focuses on fine art photography. Simplicity, graphic forms and repeating configurations personally resonate. Recent career highlights include: numerous recent museum exhibitions; gallery shows; work in permanent collections; features in numerous fine art publications; and representation by several contemporary galleries.

  • The Beginning and The End

    The Beginning and The End

    Brian McPartlon Brian McPartlon attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. He frequented famed counterculture places, associated with influential artists and activists and participated in Vietnam War protests; these events brought a connection to a creative world unlike any he had learned in school. McPartlon then moved to California to attend the San…

  • grazing


    by RC deWinter grazingthere’s a slyness in the changeable lightof winterthe morning sun often nothing but a tease slain by snowcloudsblowing infrom the southeast blanketing the sky with grey wooldamp heavywith its burden of moisture that will be transformed intotiny starsnot a twin among them falling in a baptism of frigid kissesbriefly burningany skin exposed…

  • Renoir, Apprentice

    Renoir, Apprentice

    a golden shovel after Wendy Xu’s tiny palace by Danielle Page breathe into me allthat you once knew, ofpottery and porcelain, thisbrush stroke and this line takesits shape just so, master place-ment of figures and marvel, inside,at the marbling of hues on skin, adetail lost on ceramic, how mysteriousthe vibration of each color tinyappears on…

  • Two Poems

    Two Poems

    Ashtyn Layne is a poet, artist, and punk rock enthusiast. At 18, they published their first chapbook with Ibbetson Street Press under a previous alias. Their poems often explore the concept of identity and disillusion, commenting on the many coping mechanisms one turns to in order to find themselves amongst a world of chaos.

  • A Small Part Of The Pantomime

    A Small Part Of The Pantomime

    After Wallace Stevens by John Martino Her terrace was the sand at night,by the fire: “The difficulty to thinkat the end of day is equal to livingin a tragic land. Every time the bucks went clattering over Oklahoma,the lilacs withered in the Carolinas.Just as my fingers on these keys pourthe unhappiness out, the exceeding brightness…

  • Quick


    John Martino is a writer, educator, and avid traveler currently residing in Hong Kong with his partner, Xiuli. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in North Dakota Quarterly, Another Chicago Magazine, Connotation Press, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, and the anthology Envy: 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 6 from Pure Slush Books, among others.

  • Molly McNeely

    Molly McNeely

    Molly McNeely Molly McNeely (she/her) is a New York-based photographer and visual artist. Currently, she is working with a Polaroid 600 camera, as she is interested in the limitations of the Polaroid as well as its immediacy. The limited control of light and focus creates images that are dictated by the surrounding environment, a product…