by Jack Wildern As a child I was always trying to escape. I asked my brother to tie me up just so that I could wriggle free. As a teenager I broke curfews, wondering what it was that awaited in hours hidden to me by my parents. Never wanting to fit in, always looking for … Continue reading Ghost


by Catherine Zickgraf Paper neighbors drape my couch.They hold the baby,bake casseroles I can’t taste.I nibble when he sleepsor sleep when he napsafter I’ve boiled the bottlesand washed some spoons. I awoke this morning on the roll of toilet paper.Seems it cushioned my cheek sufficientlywhen I slipped near dawn down the tiles. Postpartum lasts at … Continue reading Postpartum


by Kelly Stacy Let us pay the bill on time, let us walk to the grocery store together, let us order more shelves for that space in our living room, between the radiator and the wall, let’s give it some purpose, let’s fill it with all our small totems, let’s do brunch on Saturday morning, … Continue reading Adoration