Cherchez La Femme

by K. Di Prima The screen door opened with a rusty squeal just as the violins of Mozart’s Requiem soared to crescendo. Tom stepped into the kitchen, exuding the aroma of fresh cut grass overlaid with sweat.  At the sink, Kathryn stiffened. “Smells great in here!” Tom said, as if his compliments still mattered. Then … Continue reading Cherchez La Femme


by Stacey Z. Lawrence  He is eleven, almost a manwhen the belt’s buckle catchesunder his skin.As usual hegrips the kitchen sinkstares at the faucet dripas she whips.He never cries, but this timebloody puddles stainhis white socks, the canvasof his Converse,gore trickles down his leg.She places it on the counter,bits of his ass impaledupon sharp metal … Continue reading Belt